Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (2024)

*The original was published in October 2018. Since then many Telcos have totally refreshed their prepaid plan.
*Post update No.1 on 5th June 2020- removed ookyo, Tron
*Post update No. 2 on 4th Sept 2021 – added TuneTalk Hi-Value plans, Digi Next, Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited, a total refresh of article

In 2020-2021, the latest trend in Malaysia’s mobile plan is definitely the affordable unlimited internet plans. Almost every telco now provide an unlimited internet mobile package.

Another important update is the Jaringan Prihatin Program, which offers a monthly discount of RM15 for subscription to new mobile plan and up to RM300 subsidy for device package (valid from 5 Mei 2021 to 30 September 2021). So, please use this opportunity properly if you’re eligible.

Having reviewed all the prepaid plans available in Malaysia right now, these are the best prepaid plans I have shortlisted:

  • Best High Speed Prepaid Plan For Casual Users: TT Hi Value 35
  • Best Prepaid Plan For Student: Yoodo Unlimited 35
  • Best Prepaid Plan Under RM30: TT Hi-Value 25
  • Best Prepaid Plan With Unlimited Hotspot: Secret Prepaid Plan
  • Best Prepaid Plan With No FUP: Yoodo Unlimited 43

Comparison Of Cheap Prepaid Plans In Malaysia

Prepaid PlansPriceData QuotaSpeedFUPFree CallsHotspotExtra
TT Hi-Value 25RM 2525GBUncappedNot applicableUnlimited TuneTalkShared
TT Hi-Value 35RM 3535GBUncappedNot applicableUnlimited All NetworkShared10GB Booster @ RM10
TT Hi-Value 48RM 48Unlimited6Mbps100GBUnlimited All Network5GBBooster Hotspot 5GB @ RM3
Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 35RM 35Unlimited3Mbps50GBUnlimited All NetworkNo hotspotUnlimited Hotspot @ RM5
Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 45RM 45Unlimited6Mbps50GBUnlimited All NetworkNo hotspotUnlimited Hotspot @ RM6
Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 60RM 60Unlimited18Mbps50GBUnlimited All NetworkNo hotspotUnlimited Hotspot @ RM7
Celcom XPAX UnlimitedRM 35Unlimited3MbpsNo hard limitUnlimited All NetworkNo hotspot20GB Hotspot @ RM10
Digi Data Khas BeliaRM 2015GBUncappedNot applicable-SharedUnlimited TikTok, IG
Digi NEXT 30RM 3015GBUncappedNot applicable-Shared
Digi NEXT 35RM 3530GBUncappedNot applicableUnlimited All NetworkShared
Digi NEXT 45RM 4540GBUncappedNot applicableUnlimited All NetworkShared
Umobile GX30RM 30Unlimited6MbpsNo hard limit-6GB
Umobile GX38RM 35Unlimited6MbpsNo hard limitUnlimited All Network12GB
Yoodo Unlimited 35RM 35Unlimited3MbpsNo hard limit100 minutes6GB
Yoodo Unlimited 43RM 43Unlimited6MbpsNo hard limit100 minutes6GB

Why You Should Go For Prepaid

There are various factors to go for prepaid plans instead of postpaid plans. Among the factors, the two biggest driving factors for using prepaid plans are the flexibility of usage and money-saving.

Flexibility of Usage

For prepaid plans, there is no need to commit to any fixed term contract whether it is one year or two years. You can enjoy the privilege to change or swap to any new Telco whenever you want.

There is also no fixed monthly commitment. For postpaid plans, you are tied to a fixed amount of commitment but prepaid plans allow you to switch to cheaper or more expensive plans depending on your monthly budget. Or you may stop subscribing to a new monthly plan if you are away for long holidays.


Generally, prepaid plans are always cheaper than postpaid plans because they are meant for consumers with a lower budget. Effective 6th September 2018, prepaid reload services are exempted from 6% Service Tax for Malaysians based on Section 34(3)(a) while the postpaid plans charge an additional 6% service tax (SST).

You can also use the Lazada and Shopee app to reload which gives nearly 5%-10% discount. And possibly earning some cashback or coin cashback.

As the Malay saying goes, ‘sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit’. Over time, all these little savings and cash backs add up to a significant amount.

Throughout the years, I have been a user of various mobile plans in Malaysia so I have a knowledge or two on advantages and disadvantages among the local telcos.

I understand an average consumer’s needs because I am standing in the same shoes. Combined with my thorough research and comparison of various prepaid plans, I am confident that I can help you to find the best Malaysia mobile prepaid plan.

Why You Should Trust Me

Throughout the years, I have been a user of various mobile plans in Malaysia so I know the advantages and disadvantages among the local telcos.

I understand an average consumer’s needs because I am standing in the same shoes. Combined with my thorough research and comparison of various prepaid plans, I am confident that I can help you to find the best Malaysia mobile prepaid plan.

How I Picked The Best Prepaid Plan

Network Coverage

Network coverage is the most crucial factor you should consider whenever choosing your mobile network provider.

The performance of a mobile network can vary depending on location. Some mobile networks perform well in both rural and city areas while some are just pure sh*t in the rural area as they do not have the infrastructure to support it. Without good network coverage, everything else on a prepaid plan is meaningless.


Data speed is the second most important factor and it is directly related to network coverage. There are 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and 5G networks.


Each prepaid plan is packaged and priced differently. I am looking for the best and most practical bargain of them all.

Data, Call Time and SMS

Among these three, I consider data/internet is the most essential. Because apps like WhatsApps can easily replace conventional calls and messages (SMS). So, call time and SMS is less of my priority.


I will focus specifically on the 30-days validity prepaid package. Users with specific needs like extra-long validity periods can explore other available options which are currently out of my list.

How To Find The Best Telco Network In Your Area

Telco network coverage varies according to location. Generally, I would say Celcom has the widest network coverage which includes many rural areas. Maxis followed closely at second. Digi is in third place and the last one will be U Mobile.

To find out the best telco for yourself, please download the OpenSignal app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

Download OpenSignal> Open the app> Click on the map icon> View Network Stats

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (1)

From here, you can see the best network speed based on real-world performance that is crowdsourced from other real users. In my area, you can see Celcom, Digi and Maxis are the top three telcos.

Best High Speed Prepaid Plan For Casual Users

TuneTalk Hi-Value 35

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (2)

Get New TuneTalk Sim Port in to TuneTalk

For working adults, TuneTalk Hi-Value 35 is the best value high-speed prepaid plan. It is great for its generous 35GB data and unlimited call time to all networks.

Nowadays most telcos go for the unlimited data route with limited speed, this makes TT Hi-Value 35 plan an interesting and favourable choice. Because this TuneTalk prepaid plan offers high-speed data with no speed limit and no data limitation on WiFi hotspots.

The majority of us who already work have broadband internet both at home and at work. So, the 35GB of data should be sufficient to last for a full month.

In the worst-case scenario that you depleted your data, you can get a 10GB data booster for only RM10. It is the cheapest data booster among all prepaid plans.

Speed of mobile data internet is more important for us in order to get things done quickly. This plan is especially great for people who often need to download documents or videos on the go.

Moreover, Tunetalk is riding on the Celcom network which has the widest network coverage area in Malaysia.

With TuneTalk Hi-Value 35, you can enjoy the most stable and fastest mobile network speed on your smartphone.

Best Prepaid Plan For Students

Yoodo Unlimited 35

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (3)

Get New Yoodo Sim Port in to Yoodo

In my opinion, Yoodo Unlimited 35 is the best prepaid plan for students. It offers unlimited internet with 3Mbps maximum download speed.

As a former undergraduate who stayed in University’s hostel, I understand how poor the school and hostel’s public WiFi is. Most of the time, they are almost unusable.

Students always need tons of data and also ideally, unlimited call time. As we all know, teenagers can binge watch YouTube/Anime for the whole day without any problem.

Given the current Covid19 condition, most students have to attend online classes and Zoom meetings too. It is best for students to go for a prepaid plan with an unlimited data plan, despite having a slower internet speed.

Yoodo doesn’t have unlimited calls but it has 100 minutes of free calls to all networks, which should be sufficient for most people. We can always use WhatsApp calls for less urgent matters.

Besides that, Yoodo has a 6GB WiFi hotspot quota. Although not much, it is good enough for occasional data sharing to other devices or with friends.

On a side note, 3Mbps is only good enough for 480p video streaming. If you try to stream video at a higher resolution, you will get a lot of video buffering.

For students who have a low budget but need unlimited internet, I highly recommend getting the Yoodo Unlimited 35. Yoodo Unlimited 35 is the cheapest unlimited internet with no FUP limit. Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited 35 is not suitable because it has 50GB FUP (fair usage policy), which essentially is only a 50GB plan with a speed cap. And the Celcom XPAX unlimited has no free calls at all.

Best Prepaid Plan Under RM30

TuneTalk Hi-Value 25

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (4)

Get New TuneTalk Sim Port in to TuneTalk

If you want the cheapest prepaid plan in Malaysia, look no further, you should get the TuneTalk Hi-Value 25. It has a total of 25GB high-speed internet quota per month.

Digi Data Khas Belia is another option at only RM20 which is only available for users aged between 12-25 years old. It has only 15GB data but it has unlimited TikTok and IG usage. Still, I don’t recommend it since Digi doesn’t have the best network coverage.

Another competitor is U Mobile GX30, which has unlimited data and a 6Mbps speed limit. However, the GX30 plan is also not recommended because of the poor network coverage of U Mobile and the 6GB hotspot limit.

On the other hand, TuneTalk Hi-Value 25 has no speed limit and you can use the full 25GB data for WiFi hotspot/tethering.

All of the prepaid plans below RM30 have no unlimited calls features. The TT Hi-Value 25 has a slight advantage among these 3 prepaid plans as it has unlimited TuneTalk free calls.

In general, I’m neutral on whether to subscribe to prepaid plans under RM30. Because most of us are going to make some calls each month. And we will incur additional costs from those calls.

To be safe, I’d suggest getting RM35 prepaid plans with unlimited calls.

If you’re certain that you don’t need any call times at all, then I think TuneTalk Hi-Value 25 plan offers the best value for under RM30.

Best Prepaid Plan With Unlimited Hotspot

TuneTalk Hi-Value 35

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (5)

Get New TuneTalk Sim Port in to TuneTalk

The thing is, there has never been an unlimited hotspot prepaid plan, at least until today. If you are always using WiFi hotspot, then TuneTalk Hi-Value 35 is the best choice

Hotlink claim that their unlimited prepaid plans have unlimited hotspot. Users only need to pay an extra RM5 to unlock unlimited hotspot.

BUT! Don’t forget that hotlink has a hard limit FUP of only 50GB for all of its unlimited data plans. So, they are not the real deal, they are not unlimited as they claim.

Next, let me show you some simple math why Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited is not worth the money.

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (6)

From the comparison above, you can clearly see that you are paying RM1 for 1GB of data for both Hotlink and TuneTalk prepaid plans. So, they are both equal in terms of internet quota.

However, TuneTalk Hi-Value 35 has no speed limit while the Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited is limited to only 6Mbps.

If you’re a heavy hotspot user, it is best to get the TuneTalk Hi-Value 35 which gives unlimited free calls to all networks as well. If you use more than 80GB hotspot per month, then you may want to check out Yoodo customized plan.

Best Prepaid Plan With No FUP

Yoodo Unlimited 43

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (7)

Get New Yoodo Sim Port in to Yoodo

We all hate FUP on unlimited internet mobile plans. Because FUP is just another way that Telco tells you that it is actually a “glorified high quota limited data plan”.

There are a total of three qualified prepaid plans with no FUP: Celcom XPAX Unlimited, U Mobile GX38 and Yoodo Unlimited 43.

Out of the three, Yoodo Unlimited 43 offers the best value with 6Mbps speed, wide network coverage, and 6GB WiFi hotspot.

Celcom XPAX unlimited is capped at 3Mbps. Personally, I think we will need at least 6Mbps for a smooth internet experience in today’s standard. And, it doesn’t come with any free hotspot data. So, I don’t really encourage getting Celcom XPAX.

In fact, U Mobile GX38 is the cheapest unlimited data mobile plan with no FUP limit. It only costs RM35. The speed limit is 6Mbps and the hotspot quota is 12GB, which is quite generous.

However, U Mobile is still suffering from poor network coverage after all the years. If you are living in an area with a good U Mobile signal, then the GX38 is a sweet deal.

In short, I prefer Yoodo Unlimited 43 over U Mobile GX38 because of its better network coverage, despite it being slightly more expensive.


Malaysians are lucky to have a competitive and vibrant mobile network ecosystem. We have the choice of more than 10 mobile service providers available on the market (including redONE, XOX, Yes and Unifi Mobile).

Personally, I am a bit disappointed to see Digi no longer offering any competitive prepaid plan packages in 2021.

Remember that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to mobile plan choice. Everyone has different needs and consumption habits. Take the time to explore all the available prepaid plans, and you will surely find one plan that suits your requirements.

Best Prepaid Plans Comparison in Malaysia [UPDATED 2022] (2024)


Which prepaid card is the best in Malaysia? ›

If you want to buy the best SIM card in Malaysia, I recommend going with Digi or Celcom. Digi has the fastest speeds. Celcom has the best 4G/LTE coverage. Consider Celcom's MVNOs (speakOUT, redOne Malaysia Tune Talk & Yoodo) for great network performance at (slightly) lower prices.

Which postpaid plan is the best in Malaysia 2022? ›

Best “Unlimited” Postpaid Plan in Malaysia
  • Celcom Mega 98 Unlimited. ...
  • Digi Infinite 55 and 75. ...
  • Digi Postpaid 150 with Unlimited Add-on. ...
  • Unifi Mobile Postpaid Ultimate. ...
  • Yes Infinite Basic. ...
  • Hotlink Postpaid 60. ...
  • Xpax Postpaid 60. ...
  • Celcom Mega 80.
5 days ago

Which telco has unlimited data? ›

Xpax Unlimited 38

On Celcom, there's the Xpax Unlimited RM38 plan where you can get unlimited calls, and “unlimited” data capped at 3Mbps with a FUP of 60GB per month. There's also free 3GB of hotspot and 5GB of uncapped high-speed quota. With the current Raya promo, they are doubling the uncapped speed quota to 10GB.

Which telco is the best in Malaysia 2022? ›

If you're looking at actual geographical mobile network coverage in Malaysia, Celcom is ranked #1 at 9.2 out of 10 points, followed by Digi and Maxis which record 8.6 points each, followed by U Mobile at 7.7 points and Unifi at 7.0 points.

Which line is better in Malaysia? ›

Hotlink (Maxis)

Hotlink is a well-known service offered by Maxis. This prepaid brand has more than 6.3 million users in Malaysia, making it among the most reliable mobile networks in the country.

Which is the best Postpaid mobile plan in Malaysia? ›

The Best Postpaid Plans in Malaysia
  • U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68.
  • Maxis Postpaid 188.
  • Digi Postpaid 60.
  • redONE Amazing58.
3 Jan 2022

Is Postpaid plan faster than prepaid? ›

Is postpaid faster than prepaid? No, a postpaid connection doesn't need to be faster than the prepaid connection of the same telecom company being used at the same place. However, there may be cases where it may be evident that the postpaid connection is faster than the prepaid ones.

Are Postpaid plans worth it? ›

Your monthly invoice is billed basis the plan you chose and your monthly usage of data. A Postpaid connection is ideal for working professionals who have a steady income. Although, a bit more expensive than a Prepaid plan, a Postpaid plan more than compensates itself by offering additional perks.

Which is better Unifi or time? ›

In terms of speed

The 1 Gbps package from Time also downloads speeds up to 1 Gbps but upload speeds up to 500 Mbps. The fastest package from Unifi is download speed up to 300 Mbps and upload speed up to 50 Mbps. No package is the same in terms of download and upload speeds from Unifi.

What is the best prepaid Internet service? ›

Xfinity: Xfinity takes the No. 1 spot in our Best Prepaid Internet Service Providers of 2022 ratings and provides internet access in 30-day increments. You'll have to pay a one-time fee for an Xfinity Prepaid Modem Kit, which comes with a refurbished Wi-Fi modem and requires self-installation.

Which Sim is best for unlimited data? ›

The best unlimited data SIMs to buy
  1. iD Mobile: The best budget unlimited data SIM. ...
  2. EE: The best unlimited data SIM for speed. ...
  3. Three: The best-value unlimited data SIM. ...
  4. Vodafone: The most versatile unlimited data SIM. ...
  5. O2: The best unlimited data SIM for extras. ...
  6. Smarty: The best unlimited data SIM with a short plan.
23 Sept 2022

Is U Mobile better than Maxis? ›

National Analysis. Our users on Maxis reported the top Upload Speed Experience with speeds averaging 7.3 Mbps — 0.3 Mbps faster than those on U Mobile. As a result, Maxis wins the Upload Speed Experience award in Malaysia.

Which telco has best coverage? ›

Singtel is arguably the fastest data provider in the country with the best coverage. Starhub ( – The second fastest data provider in the country with second best coverage, Starhub services close to 2 million mobile customers and has almost 30% of the Singapore market.

Can you get unlimited data on prepaid? ›

Vodafone unlimited data prepaid plans

These plans feature a full-speed 'My Data' gigabyte allowance each recharge, along with unlimited data capped at speeds of 1.5Mbps.

What is the fastest telco in Malaysia? ›

Opensignal : Digi Beats Maxis For Best Download Speed And Video Streaming Experience. KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 -- If you're looking for the best download speed and video streaming experience in Malaysia, Digi has emerged as the best telco on Opensignal's latest Mobile Network Experience Report 2021.

Is U Mobile good in Malaysia? ›

Overall, U Mobile isn't the fastest mobile network in Malaysia but it has improved over the years, performing better than Celcom in a number of categories at the national level, including in Video, Games, Voice App, Download and Upload speeds.

How fast is Digi 4G? ›

On average, Digi can deliver download speeds of 29.59 Mbps and upload speeds of 11.75 Mbps. That's pretty much the top range for what you can get for a 4G network here until 5G becomes more accessible in Malaysia.

Is Digi better than Celcom? ›

Digi users have fastest average download speeds, Celcom has best 4G coverage. A NEW industry report has found that Digi users in Malaysia have the fastest average download speeds in the country (20.5 Mbps), with a significant average gap between the local telco and other national operators (65.1% to 137.7%).

Which carrier has 5G in Malaysia? ›

Digi's 5G Network

Experience super-fast speeds, ultra-reliable, low-latency connectivity and massive bandwidth, powered by 5G technology that will bring entirely new possibilities to the way Malaysians live, work and play.

Is Digi same as Celcom? ›

The proposed merger involves the transfer of Celcom's entire issued share capital of 1.24 billion shares by Axiata to Digi for RM17. 76 billion, as well as the listing of an additional 3.96 billion new Digi shares on the main market of Bursa Malaysia.

Is U Mobile reliable? ›

Yes, i'm user of U mobile for personal and business. So far its good, 4G, cost effective and easy to use where u can pay the phone bill anytime. It's good if you are at urban's area.

Does Digi have unlimited data plan? ›

Unlimited Access. Unlimited Flexibility. Experience unlimited with Digi Postpaid and never run out of Internet again!

What is Maxis mobile plan speed? ›

if for any reason, your subscribed Maxis Postpaid 98, 108, 128, 158, 188 and/or Maxis Fibre 30Mbps, 100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps, 800Mbps under the Plan(s) fails to be activated or installed, you are deemed not to have been registered for the Plan(s); and.

Why prepaid is cheaper than postpaid? ›

This is done through data throttling and data deprioritization. Data throttling means prepaid users usually have a lower high-speed data cap than postpaid users. For example, a prepaid plan might offer 40GB of high-speed internet before hitting the brakes, compared to 50GB for a postpaid plan.

Why postpaid is costly than prepaid? ›

Postpaid plans are marginally more expensive than Prepaid plans, but they are more successful and provide more user advantages. Postpaid packages cannot be canceled easily and have no end date. Even though at the end of each month, if you do not pay the bill on time, your telecom will prolong the time period slightly.

How can I reduce my postpaid bill? ›

How can I reduce my postpaid bills? You can switch to a plan lower than the one you are currently using. Monitor your usage and try not to spend more than the plan limits. Be careful of your usage when you are using your sim in roaming.
  1. Bill shock.
  2. Overspending.
  3. Changing the postpaid plan.
29 Jun 2021

Can we change from postpaid to prepaid? ›

Yes, you can easily switch from a postpaid connection to a prepaid connection. For this, you need to visit the nearest store of your telecom partner and complete the procedure.

Which is better prepaid WiFi or postpaid WiFi? ›

With postpaid WiFi, you have a (usually) stable connection installed at home. It is billed once a month, for a number of months specified in your contract. Speeds and data allocations may be more consistent with postpaid so they're great for heavy users, families, and people who run online businesses or work from home.

Is Digi Fibre better than Unifi? ›

Editor's comment: Digi's Home Fibre has the widest coverage in Malaysia, available via the networks of Telekom Malaysia HSBB (unifi), Allo and TIME, despite it does not own these networks. The Home Fibre plans from Digi are highly recommended if you an existing Digi postpaid customer on selected plans.

Is 30Mbps enough? ›

Typical streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix require between 15-25 Mbps to stream content, so 30 Mbps should be fast enough to stream videos from standard to 4k HD definition. 30 Mbps has its limits, as live streaming takes up more bandwidth and streaming on multiple devices will bog your signal down.

Is Unifi expensive? ›

Higher monthly fees – unifi Home is the most expensive home broadband provider.

Can I get WiFi without internet? ›

Public WiFi (With a VPN!)

Depending on where in the world you live, there may be a lot of public WiFi hotspots available around you. These are great options to access WiFi without an internet provider. Some people can even access them from inside their homes!

Is there any prepaid WiFi? ›

Yes, you can buy prepaid internet from several companies. Cox, Xfinity, CenturyLink, Verizon Fios, and many other companies offer prepaid or pay-as-you-go internet service that doesn't require a contract.

Is 50 Mbps fast? ›

Answer: Absolutely! 50 Mbps is plenty of internet speed to do what you enjoy. Your internet service works for you, so whether you're checking social media, streaming your favorite TV show, or jamming out to the latest billboard toppers, 50 Mbps allows you to keep entertained and informed at fast speeds.

How long will 100GB data last? ›

A 100GB data plan will allow you to browse the internet for around 1200 hours, to stream 20,000 songs or to watch 200 hours of standard-definition video. Nowadays, the key difference between mobile phone price plans is how many gigabytes of data it comes with.

How many GB is unlimited data? ›

The standard unlimited data plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited high-speed data up to a certain data cap. Usually this high-speed data cap is 22–23 GB.

Which data pack is best? ›

Here are the some of the best Vi data plans for your information:
Vodafone Idea 249 Plan1.5 GB per day
Vodafone Idea 299 Plan2GB per day
Vodafone 219 PlanRs 7.82
19 more rows
17 May 2022

Is hotlink unlimited really unlimited? ›

There is no quota limit to the Unlimited Internet Passes, you will enjoy high speed internet and upon reaching the limit for Fair Usage Policy, you will surf on reduced speeds.

Is Maxis 5G available in Malaysia? ›

Connectivity anytime, anywhere, for everyone

Maxis customers are the first in Malaysia to enjoy seamless 5G connection in Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. We also offer the widest range of 5G-ready devices.

Does U Mobile use Celcom line? ›

In April 2007, U Television Sdn Bhd signed the country's first nationwide domestic roaming memorandum of understanding, which led to an agreement with the mobile network operator Celcom Axiata Bhd allowing U Mobile's customers nationwide coverage while U Mobile rolled out its own high-speed mobile 3G service nationwide ...

Which is better Giga or Gomo? ›

Data: GOMO offers the best value, but giga has a larger data plan. Putting aside minute differences in network speed and coverage, both telcos offer competitively priced data plans. On a cost-per-GB basis, GOMO takes the win, with its S$20 for 50GB plan narrowly nudging out giga's S$25 for 60GB plan.

Which SIM-only has 5G? ›

Singtel GOMO 5G

For users who like MVNOs and the flexibility of SIM-only plans, there's the new GOMO 5G Plan.

Which mobile network has 5G? ›

Most mobile networks, including EE, O2, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Three and Vodafone, now offer 5G contract plans, which include the handset. It's important to note that if you have a 5G phone and contract, you'll only actually get the 5G speeds if and when you're in an area covered by it.

How many GB data do I need? ›

Even 1GB will be cutting it close, so for some breathing room we'd generally suggest at least 2GB. Meanwhile, if you're using mobile data much of the day, every day, or using data intensive things like video streaming and tethering regularly, you'll probably want at least 30GB – and even that might not be enough.

How do I get unlimited mobile data? ›

  1. Mint Mobile | Unlimited data | $30/month - Unlimited data on a budget. ...
  2. Verizon | 5G Play More | $80/month - Best unlimited plan overall. ...
  3. Visible | Visible Plus | $45/month - The best unlimited data prepaid on a budget. ...
  4. T-Mobile Magenta | Unlimited data | $70/month - Best value unlimited plan from a main carrier.
4 Oct 2022

How do I get unlimited data? ›

Best Unlimited Data Plans in 2022
  1. T-Mobile Base Essentials: $45 for 1 line. Best for value for a single line. ...
  2. AT&T Value Plus Plan: $50 for 1 line. ...
  3. T-Mobile Essentials: $60 for 1 line, $105 for 4 lines. ...
  4. Verizon Welcome Unlimited: $65 for 1 line, $120 for 4 lines. ...
  5. Verizon Play More: $80 for 1 line, $180 for 4 lines.
10 Sept 2022

How many SIM cards can a person have in Malaysia? ›

Service Providers and their representatives shall not register more than 5 SIM cards per customer/user. This requirement will not affect existing Individual customers who have registered for more than 5 SIM cards prior to the enforcement of these Guidelines. Why am I allowed to register 5 Prepaid SIM cards only?

How do I top up my SIM card in Malaysia? ›

  1. Step 1: Click 'Prepaid'.
  2. Step 2: Choose 'Maxis Malaysia'.
  3. Step 3: Confirm mobile number.
  4. Step 4: Select 'Prepaid Top-Up'.
  5. Step 5: Review and pay.

Can Singapore SIM use in Malaysia? ›

You Singapore SIM will have to use roaming in Malaysia, but rates are probably much cheaper than roaming with your Australian sim. The Singapore telco M1 provides Prepaid Cards, where you can use your existing data allowance in Malaysia. There is no extra charge for data roaming in certain countries.

Can I get Singapore SIM card in Malaysia? ›

Get wide 3G to 4G connectivity to make your trip to Singapore hassle-free. Pick up your Singapore SIM Card in Malaysia airports before catching your flight to Singapore. Best of all, enjoy an easy and convenient setup: insert the SIM card into your phone and after a brief set up, you'll be ready to go.

How many prepaid card can I buy? ›

In 2005, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the then-named Infocomm Development Authority introduced regulations that limited each user to a maximum of 10 prepaid SIM cards.

How do I reactivate my SIM card on my phone? ›

Go to the "Activation" menu and click "Activate". Your line will be activated in approximately 2 hours. If you do not activate your line yourself, we will activate it within 48H after successful delivery.

Can I register more than one SIM card? ›

Yes, you can register more than one SIM Card with the same ID.

Is hotlink same as Maxis? ›

Hotlink is a brand of Maxis that provides both mobile prepaid and postpaid plans. Those looking to get a Maxis prepaid SIM card will get a Hotlink prepaid SIM card because the Maxis brand has no prepaid plans. Although Hotlink stores do exist, you will mainly find Maxis stores.

Can you buy a SIM card just for data? ›

Designed principally for tablets, a data-only SIM, sometimes called a 'data SIM', gets you a monthly allowance of data in return for a fee. Unlike more familiar, standard SIM only deals designed for smartphone users, what you don't with get a data-only SIM are monthly allowances for texts and call minutes.

Is Simba under Singtel? ›

Singtel. StarHub. SIMBA (formerly TPG Mobile)

Can I use Gomo in Malaysia? ›

Never miss a conversation. Go the distance with GOMO's affordable IDD rates starting from $0.05/min and Global SMS at $0.15/SMS. NEW! Enjoy a flat rate of $0.05/min with IDD calls to Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia & Thailand.

Can I use Giga in Malaysia? ›

But note that outgoing calls and SMS are not supported. Here's the list of the 14 countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Can I buy Singapore number in Malaysia? ›

Anyone in the world can buy a phone number in Singapore. You do not need to be a citizen of Singapore or live there to buy one.

Which Singapore telco is the best? ›

The operator with the fastest average download speeds in Singapore is StarHub, making it the winner of the Download Speed Experience award. Our StarHub users clocked up speeds of 65.9 Mbps, 9.4 Mbps (16.6%) faster than those seen by Singtel users, which observed the second fastest speeds (56.5 Mbps).

Can M1 be used in Malaysia? ›

Now you can! Just bring along your local data to use in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It's that easy!

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