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Find your perfect shoe size easily! Convert any size (Euro, US, international sizes) to UK sizes for men, women, and kids. Use our how-to guide to measure your feet or use our printable shoe size charts to find the right size.

International shoe size conversion:We’ve put together a helpful converter chart that will help you find your UK shoe size (both, UK men’s and UK women’s), US sizes and Euro shoe sizes. Either convert from one shoe size to another or measure your foot and convert to the preferred size.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

UK SizeUS Men's ShoeUS Women's ShoeEU SizeFoot Length in CMFoot Length in Inches
2,534,534,521,6 cm8 1⁄2
33,553522,0 cm8 2⁄3
3,545,535,522,4 cm8 5⁄6
44,5636,522,9 cm9
4,556,53723,3 cm9 1⁄6
55,5737,523,7 cm9 1⁄3
5,567,53824,1 cm9 1⁄2
66,583924,6 cm9 2⁄3
6,578,539,525,0 cm9 5⁄6
77,594025,4 cm10
7,589,540,525,8 cm10 1⁄6
88,51041,526,2 cm10 1⁄3
8,5910,541,526,7 cm10 1⁄2
99,51142,527,1 cm10 2⁄3
9,51011,543,527,5 cm10 5⁄6
1010,5124427,9 cm11
10,51112,544,528,4 cm11 1⁄6
1111,51345,528,8 cm11 1⁄3
11,51213,54629,2 cm11 1⁄2
1212,51446,529,6 cm11 2⁄3
12,51314,54730,1 cm11 5⁄6
1313,51547,530,5 cm12
13,51415,548,530,9 cm12 1⁄6
1414,5164931,3 cm12 1⁄3
14,51516,549,531,8 cm12 1⁄2
1515,5175032,2 cm12 2⁄3

How to measure shoe sizes | Shoe widths

Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (1)

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Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (2)

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  • UK Shoe Sizes and European Shoe Sizes (German, Italian, French, etc.)
  • International Shoe Sizes (Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, etc.)
  • Children’s Shoe Sizes

UK Shoe Sizes: UK to US Shoe Size

UKUS Women'sUS Men's
UK 020.5
UK 0.52.51
UK 131.5
UK 1.53.52
UK 242.5
UK 2.54.53
UK 353.5
UK 3.55.54
UK 464.5
UK 4.56.55
UK 575.5
UK 5.57.56
UK 686.5
UK 6.58.57
UK 797.5
UK 7.59.58
UK 8108.5
UK 8.510.59
UK 9119.5
UK 9.511.510
UK 101210.5
UK 10.512.511
UK 111311.5
UK 11.513.512
UK 121412.5
UK 12.514.513
UK 131513.5
UK 13.515.514
UK 141614.5
UK 14.516.515
UK 151715.5
Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (3)

UK shoe sizes are actually surprisingly close to US shoe sizes, and usually, the size difference for men is only about 0.5 size and for women 2 sizes. Hence, a US women’s shoe size 9, corresponds to a UK size 7 and a US men’s shoe size 10.5 to a UK men’s shoe size 10.However, some manufacturers and companies do things differently, so make sure to consult these UK to US shoe size charts whenever you’re shopping for shoes.

Euro Shoe Sizes: UK to EU Shoe Size

EU Sizes = European Sizes/Euro Sizes are used in the whole of Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden etc. Italian Shoe Sizes, French Shoe Sizes and German Shoe Sizes are all unified as “Euro Shoe Sizes”.

UK SizeEU SizeFoot Length in CM
2,534,521,6 cm
33522,0 cm
3,535,522,4 cm
436,522,9 cm
4,53723,3 cm
537,523,7 cm
5,53824,1 cm
63924,6 cm
6,539,525,0 cm
74025,4 cm
7,540,525,8 cm
841,526,2 cm
8,541,526,7 cm
942,527,1 cm
9,543,527,5 cm
104427,9 cm
10,544,528,4 cm
1145,528,8 cm
11,54629,2 cm
1246,529,6 cm
12,54730,1 cm
1347,530,5 cm
13,548,530,9 cm
144931,3 cm
14,549,531,8 cm
155032,2 cm
Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (4)

European shoe sizes are unisex, compared to the US standard which clearly separates men, women, and children’s shoe sizes. In the European shoe sizing standard, the colour, and details often identify whether the footwear is for male or female. Europeans sizing can extend up to a size 50, which measures 12 ⅔ inches.

How to convert Euro shoe size to the US? The easiest way to convert a US men’s shoe size to EU size is to add 33 to your existing US size. Example: If you are wearing a US men’s size 9, then in EU terms, your size will be 42 in Euro.

European shoe sizes are measured in centimetres. Just like US shoes, though, the number does not correspond directly to the size of the shoe – a size 44 in the US will not be 44 centimetres long, but will in fact be about 27.9 centimetres or 11 inches in length. The most common sizes for women are size 39 (in US = 8), EU size 37 is 6.5 US, and size 38 in the US is 7.5.

International Shoe Sizes: Converting UK size to Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian shoe sizes

UK SizeIndian Shoe SizeChinese Shoe Size (CN)Japanese Shoe Size (JP)KP (mm)
Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (5)

The above chart will help you convert your shoe size to different Asian shoe sizes. It’s important to note that Japan, Korea, China, and other Asian nations all use different sizing, so there is no universal “Asian” standard. Make sure to consult this chart to make sure you pick the right shoe size for you.


How Do I Find my Shoe Size?

Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (6)
It’s easy to find your size. Measure your foot length and convert using this chart. Or select the size you already know and find the size you need with this shoe size chart.


Converting UK to US Shoe Size: How does it work?

Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (7)
The easiest way to convert your UK to US shoe size is to remember that the numerical correspondent of UK sizes is smaller than its US shoe size counterpart.
For men, simply add a half-size (.5) to your existing UK shoe size. For example, a UK shoe size 6 is a US 6.5 measuring 9 ⅔ inches.
For children shoes. To get your US shoe size, also add a size to your current UK shoe size to get the US size. For example, a size 1 in UK children’s shoes, will be a US 1.5 which is 3 ⅞ inches.
For women, to get the US size equivalent of your UK shoe size, add two (2) sizes up to your existing UK size. In this case, a UK women’s shoe size 4.5 is a US 6.5 or 9 ⅙ inches.
The UK standard is considered to be the oldest used shoe sizing metric in the world, dating back to as early as 1324 when it was made the standard English shoe measurement by King Edward II.
The British shoe size standard is based on the measurement of the ‘shoe last’ which is typically made of wood, but could also be from other materials. This shoe frame measures 13 to 17 mm more than the natural shoe size from heel to toe.
Under the UK standard, there is a distinction between adult and children’s shoe sizes. Men and women also have specified measurements. This is different from the Paris point-based system which has a uniform standard for children’s and adults’ shoes.
The UK shoe size standard only considers the length of the foot, but not the width. Shoes then tend to have different width measurements depending on the ‘shoe last’ used by the brand.
Each size in UK shoe sizing has an 8.46 mm (or one-third of an inch) difference. The half-sizes (4.23 mm) difference was per pair were introduced in 1880 to ensure better fit.
Generally, the UK’s shoe sizing standard is also used in Australia. Other countries such as the US, China, Japan, and even other European countries like France also uses their own shoe size standard.

The UK uses the Barleycorn system. The scale starts at 12 barleycorns, the smallest number, which is known as children’s size 0. After 13, the scale moves on to adult size 1, which is equivalent to 26 barleycorns. This system also calculates by means of a formula, which in this case uses the length of the “lasts”. Please note whether the foot was measured in centimetres or in inches.
Two formulas are available: one to calculate children’s sizes, and the other for adults.For purposes of calculation, the bar length is used in inches as a basis. Make sure you measure your feet in inches or centimetres. The system used in the UK differs from the US system as well as that of the EU (EURO). In this chart, you can find the correct correspondents to an English one. In contrast to the European shoe system, you will also find half numbers here.
Interesting fact: the average U.K. shoe length for men is 9 and 6 for women. On the other hand, the average shoe size for men in the U.S. is 10.5, and for women, it is 9. Only 40 years ago, our feet were smaller (by an average of two sizes!). The cause for this might be the growing obesity among our population. Consequently, and the feet compensate through spreading.
This chart will help you answer shoe size related questions like:
What is UK 8 in US sizes? (The answer is 8.5 in men and 10 in women)
What US shoe size is an EU 42? (The answer is 11 for women and 9.5 for men)
What length is a UK 7? (The answer is 24.8 centimetres for men and 25.4 centimetres for women)
To answer these questions, either use the above conversion chart (which helps you to convert, for example, a UK size into a US size) or the above shoe size calculation tool (which tells you how many inches or centimetres a shoe size is).
To find your shoe size, select the respective column with the size you already know (i.e. if you know that you are a size 8 in U.K. sizing, then pick the “UK” column), and look for the row with your corresponding number (in this example: 8). Then, move horizontally with your finger to the column which corresponds to the size scale you are looking for (i.e. “US”).
If you are looking up your foot length in centimetres to find your shoe size, please use the closest number in centimetres that is equal to or slightly longer than your foot.


What is the difference between US and Euro Shoe Sizes?

Euro size numbers are also not the only thing that differentiates American and Europe-made shoes, for one, European shoes tend to be more narrow in the heel with a wide toe box allowing the heel to be held snug in place without scrunching the toes. Shoes made in the United States meanwhile have a deeper toe box and more cushion than their European counterparts. Most European brands also provide more arch support. These common generalizations however are not true for all American and European shoe brands with some of these firms following their own set of metrics. Compared to the European sizing, the US shoe sizing system could come in narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide widths than how European sizing system shoes are.


Foot Length Conversion: Inches to US Shoe Size and Centimeters to US Shoe Size

Foot length (inches)US Men'sUS Women's
7 2 ⁄ 30.52
7 5 ⁄ 612.5
8 1 ⁄ 623.5
8 1 ⁄ 32.54
8 1 ⁄ 234.5
8 2 ⁄ 33.55
8 5 ⁄ 645.5
9 1 ⁄ 656.5
9 1 ⁄ 35.57
9 1 ⁄ 267.5
9 2 ⁄ 36.58
9 5 ⁄ 678.5
10 1 ⁄ 689.5
10 1 ⁄ 38.510
10 1 ⁄ 2910.5
10 2 ⁄ 39.511
10 5 ⁄ 61011.5
11 1 ⁄ 61112.5
11 1 ⁄ 311.513
11 1 ⁄ 21213.5
11 2 ⁄ 312.514
11 5 ⁄ 61314.5
12 1 ⁄ 61415.5
12 1 ⁄ 314.516
12 1 ⁄ 21516.5
12 2 ⁄ 315.517

Foot length is the most important part of shoe sizing. The length and width of your foot will determine what size is the best for you. If a man has a foot length of e.g. 11 inches, he likely wears a US size 11 men’s shoe. To make sure you get the right shoe size, measure your feet and use the above chart to convert your foot length into your shoe size.


Is UK Shoe Size the Same as Indian Shoe Size?

Yes, the UK shoe sizes are identical to Indian shoe sizes, refer to this chart. However, US shoe size is different to UK sizes.


UK Shoe Size Conversion

Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US | UK (2024)
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