How to Remove TikTok Watermark from a Video: 3 Easy Ways (2024)

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A step-by-step guide on how to remove the TikTok logo from downloaded videos

Written byDarlene Antonelli, MA

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  • Cropping with the Built-In Video Editor
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  • Using a Third-Party App/Website
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  • Using a Video Editing Tool
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Do you want to remove a TikTok creator's username and the TikTok logo from a video that you want to reshare? You can easily remove the watermark from any TikTok video using different methods. This wikiHow article teaches you the various ways to get rid of the watermark on TikTok videos.

Quick Steps

  1. Save the video to your phone or tablet.
  2. Open the video in any video editor.
  3. Select the Crop tool.
  4. Zoom in enough to crop out the TikTok watermark.
  5. Save the video.

Method 1

Method 1 of 3:

Cropping with the Built-In Video Editor

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  1. 1

    Save the video from TikTok. Android and iOS have built-in video editors that let you crop video. If you have important video elements near the logo, however, this may not be your best option.

    • Tap the three-dot icon in the lower left corner and tap Save video to download it to your gallery.[1]
  2. 2

    Open the video in your video editor. For most phones, open your photo gallery, tap your video, and then tap the edit (or pencil) icon.

    • It will automatically open in the video editing app.


  3. 3

    Zoom in and crop out the TikTok logo. Pinch and pull your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out of the video and crop out the TikTok logo. If you don't want to zoom, you can simply pull the edges to remove the watermark.

    • Make sure you have the "Crop" tool activated if your edits aren't working.
    • The logo moves around on the screen, so you'll have to crop multiple areas.
  4. 4

    Save your work. Tap Done or Save and the cropped, watermark-free video will save to your phone.

    • Play it back to make sure you fully removed the watermark!
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Method 2

Method 2 of 3:

Using a Third-Party App/Website

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  1. 1

    Get the link to the TikTok you want to download. Once the app is open, tap the Share icon on the TikTok you want to download (it usually looks like a curved arrow), then tap Copy link.

  2. 2

    Find a third-party app or website that offers to remove watermarks. There are plenty of options online and in your app store! Some include Fotor Mobile, Apowersoft Watermark Remover (Android & Windows), Kapwing, and MusicallyDown.

    • These are options that you can download an app for or use online. You can choose!
    • Open the app or go to the website to get your video without the watermark.
  3. 3

    Paste the link in the app or on the website. The wording will change depending on the service you're using, but it will say something like, "Enter the TikTok video link here."

  4. 4

    Download or save the video. If you're using an app or website, you can save it as soon as it's done processing.

    • Watch the video from your photo gallery to make sure the watermark is gone!
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Method 3

Method 3 of 3:

Using a Video Editing Tool

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  1. 1

    Download a video editing tool that you like. Apps like CapCut, iMovie, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Video Eraser are good tools.

  2. 2

    Save the video from TikTok. Tap the three-dot icon in the lower left corner and tap Save video to download it to your gallery.[2]

  3. 3

    Open the downloaded video in the editing app. Apps like Video Eraser have specific options for removing the TikTok watermark.

  4. 4

    Edit the video to remove the logo. In any video editor app, you can blur sections of your video so you can blur the watermark. With an app like Video Eraser, select the area around the watermark and it'll be removed.

    • You might have to save and reload the video to do this in multiple areas.
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    Not working, the video still have watermarks, any advice?

    How to Remove TikTok Watermark from a Video: 3 Easy Ways (18)

    Геннадий Махнов

    Community Answer

    You can try “TikRank”, it's free. It has the same functionality as the site above, but downloads TikTok videos without a watermark.

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      • Use apps like Canva to add borders to your video to hide watermarks.


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      If you want to save a TikTok video without the content creator's watermark, you can use a free ad-supported web app called automatically crops the creator's name and TikTok logo from both the top and bottom of the video. To get started, open the TikTok app and scroll to the video you want to download. Then, tap the sharing icon—this is usually a curved arrow, but if you often share TikToks in other apps like Instagram, it may look like that app's icon instead. On the sharing menu, tap "Copy Link" to copy the video's address to your phone or tablet's clipboard. Then, open a web browser, like Safari or Chrome, and go to Tap-and-hold the field at the top of the page and select "Paste" when it appears. Now that you've inserted the link, tap the green arrow button to remove the watermarks. When the video is ready to download, you'll see three blue download buttons below the preview—although you may have to scroll past some ads first. Tap the "Download Server 1" button, and then tap the "Download" option to save the video, which no longer has a watermark. You'll find the saved video in your "Downloads" folder, which is located your Android's app list, or inside the "Files" app on your iPhone or iPad.

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