Super Bowl Party Ideas: 15 Ways to Host an Epic Event - STATIONERS (2024)

Super Bowl Party Ideas: 15 Ways to Host an Epic Event - STATIONERS (1)

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year for football fans. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together with friends, enjoy good food and drink, and make predictions before the big game. If you’re ready to plan an epic party for Super Bowl Sunday, then we’ve got everything you need. Check out these top Super Bowl party ideas — including decor, games, food, and invitations — that are sure to score big with your guests.Â

Super Bowl Party Ideas for Your Guests

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As with any party, it’s the guests who really make the celebration one to remember, so why not get them involved? Take a look at these fun Super Bowl party ideas that you can share with your guests before the game day

Dress in Team Colors

Ask your guests to arrive dressed in a team jersey or the colors of their favorite team — or at least the team they think will win. Take this idea to the next level by handing out a mini prize to your best-dressed guest.

Bring Out the Face Paint

Who says face paint is just for kids? Have a few face paint sets on hand so your party guests can get into the spirit of the game with team logos, colors, or stripes. This is one of our favorite Super Bowl party ideas that really amps up the excitement and creativity.Â

Make Your Own Super Bowl Signs

Even though you’re not in the stadium, that doesn’t mean you can’t cheer on your favorite team in style. Get some supplies and challenge your guests to decorate their own Super Bowl fan signs or foam fingers. Take a look at these easy yet fun Super Bowl party decorations to make your own DIY foam fingers, signs, and more.Â

Fun Super Bowl Party Decor Ideas

What’s great about hosting a party for the big game is that you can have a lot of fun with your Super Bowl decorations. Here are a handful of our favorite football decorations to take your event from average to amazing.

Use Artificial Turf to Decorate Your Snack Table

One of the best Super Bowl party ideas is to decorate your drinks and snacks table like the football field table itself. You can find artificial turf (or simply a green tablecloth) at your local party supply store and decorate it with with goal posts made from plastic pipe or even cups turned upside down.

Style Your Space with Football-Themed Garlands and Balloons

Garlands, banners, and bunting are all hits with birthday parties and weddings — and they’re ideal for a football party too. Create your own banners or buy them from your local party store, then hang them around your home to add color and game day spirit.Â

Create a Photo Backdrop

Most folks love to snap a photo or two at parties, so give your guests an impressive backdrop they can style their photos against. Create a backdrop with a giant balloon garland in your team colors, or hang iridescent garlands and a giant banner instead. Gather some oversized football-themed props, and you have your own DIY photo booth at home.Â

Popular Super Bowl Party Games You’ll Love

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While everyone’s focus is on the big game, we love the idea of playing a few party games as part of your pre-Bowl tailgate session. Take inspiration from these Super Bowl party games to help you create a super-fun atmosphere.Â

Super Bowl Predictions

Liven up your tailgate party by asking your guests to place their bets on who’ll win the big game — plus other big moments like who’ll score the first touchdown. Make a list of all the things you want people to make predictions on, create some fun prediction cards, and give a prize (perhaps a gift card to a local sports bar) to the big winner at the end of the day.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

One of the best parts of any Super Bowl party is watching the commercials. Take it a step further and play along with a game of Super Bowl commercial bingo. Don’t want to create your own bingo cards? Download this free printable Super Bowl commercial bingo and you’re all set.Â

Football Cornhole

Swap the traditional cornhole board for one that’s decorated like a football field for this super-simple yet fun party game. See which of your guests can get the most mini footballs or beanbags into the hole, and who keeps missing the mark. It’s a great way to unwind before or after the football game

Yummy Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

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It’s not a football party without tasty Super Bowl snacks! Whether you want to take a break for the halftime show or something to snack on while you watch the game, these easy Super Bowl party food ideas are sure to please.Â

Mini Bites of Classic Dishes

Treat your guests to adorable mini versions of classic American snacks, appetizers, and desserts to fuel them through the big game. Finger foods are perfect for parties — mac and cheese bites, mini corn dogs, slider burgers, and brownies are all delicious options.Â

Easy DIY Food Stations

Create easy DIY food stations on a table (or two or three) so guests can grab what they want when they want it. Offer a selection of tasty bites like BBQ chicken wings, pretzels, pizza slices, nachos, and salads with serving spoons, forks, and tongs. This way, nobody is tempted to grab food with their fingers. Also, be sure to have plenty of hand sanitizing wipes on the table.Â

Ice Cold Drinks

Watching the Super Bowl is thirsty work, so don’t forget about the drinks! Offer your guests plenty of refreshing chilled drinks, with a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Beer, wine, co*cktails, mocktails, fresh fruit juices, and water are all good options.Â

Super Bowl Party Invites to Send to Your Friends

Your Super Bowl party isn’t complete without an invite that’s just as amazing and fun-filled as your party plans. Use one of our football party invites to get the word out about your Super Bowl bash. Each invite can be customized, so you have a totally bespoke look at a super price. Here are just a few of our favorites — you can browse through our full selection of football party invitations for more ideas.

Game Time Invitation

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Let your guests know the party’s on with this GameTime invitation. It’s available in a handful of bright color options — or you can make it your own by working with our designer on a custom color palette.Â

Football Party Invitation

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Invite your best friends and favorite football fans with this tailgate football party invitation. The classic color scheme and fun typography should get your guests excited about your big bash.Â

Kick Off Invitation

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Invite your closest friends over to watch the game with this clever Kick Off invitation. The modern illustration and color palette make this perfect for a casual Super Bowl party

Score Big with These Super Bowl Party Ideas

Whether you go for rowdy and loud or chill and cozy, Super Bowl parties are the best way to watch the big game when you’re not actually cheering in the stands.Â

Take inspiration from these must-have Super Bowl party ideas to plan an incredible day for your guests. Come up with theme ideas, decorate your space, plan your party menu, and decide which games to play. To tie everything together, find your perfect Super Bowl party invite to help you spread the word about the big event.

Super Bowl Party Ideas: 15 Ways to Host an Epic Event - STATIONERS (2024)
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