This is a guide that features a comprehensive checklist tool that I created to help you get the strategist, collector, treasure hunter, eagle-eyed and worth the detour achievements in Octopath Traveler easily and efficiently.


So I got Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch and started playing and really found myself enjoying the game. But then I found out that it was also available on Steam with a whole load of juicy achievements! I grabbed the steam version and got ready to dive right into the achievements and found some great guides on Steam, but I soon got annoyed with having to have multiple tabs open to check off each chest, monster, and quest that I was doing. I decided put all of the resources together into one easy to read and check website organized into areas and danger levels that you could easily use on your phone, tablet, or just on another screen where you can check off everything you come across as you come across it and not get lost.

If you are finding this guide useful please don’t forget to give me a thumb’s up, favourite, and maybe even a share so that other people can be helped as well! Also, please let me know in the comments below if I missed anything and I will fix it right away!

The Checklist

Here is a link to the checklist:


It is hosted on my personal site but there are no advertisem*nts or anything so it is super light-weight and easy to use. I designed it specifically to work with not only computers but also smaller devices in case you wind up using your phone or tablet to do the checklist.

DISCLAIMER: This checklist is cookie-based, and there is only a limited number of cookies that your browser can store at each site. This means that when you finish the checklists on a page, MAKE A NOTE EITHER ON PAPER OR IN A SEPARATE FILE WHICH CHECKLISTS/PAGES YOU COMPLETED BECAUSE THE CHECKS WILL BECOME UNCHECKED AFTER YOU CHECK AROUND 150 BOXES. Typically for me I could only do about 4 or 5 pages before the earlier pages I checked became unchecked. I didn’t realize this and ended up having to go back and start from scratch, PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

However, I also created a set of maps and I will be posting them sometime over the next month when I get time.

The Ideal Party

Amongst all of these achievements, Strategist is one of the most tedious and painful due to the RNG of some spawns. I occasionally had to farm 2+ hours for some of the bosses that respawn as regular monsters after you defeat them like “Carnivorous Plant.” In addition to this, you need to identify all of the Caits which often flee before you can get a chance to identify their weaknesses.

1. That being said, it is ideal to start with Cyrus for his latent ability that allows him to identify weaknesses at the start of battle. However, once you have successfully identified all of the Caits you can feel free to drop him.

2. For treasure hunter, roughly 5-10% of the chests in the game are purple chests which can only be opened by Therion, thus Therion should be the second member of your group.

3. For Worth the Detour, Eagle-Eyed, Collector, and Treasure Hunter you will need to get Olberic and Ophelia as your last two due to the number of items/chests and quests that require their “Challenge” and “Guide” innate abilities.

So for early-game until you identify all three Caits you will want to have this party setup:
Cyrus, Therion, Olberic, and Ophelia.

Once you get all of the Caits’ weaknesses identified you will want to drop Cyrus and get Alfyn so your late party will consist of:
Therion, Alfyn, Olberic, and Ophelia.

Once you get to the late-game and you want to barter for all of the items that were unstealable for the Collector achievement like “forbidden sword/axe” etc. you can add Tressa to your team to buy up those things.

My logic behind these party choices is…

1. Therion vs. Tressa – Only therion can open the purple chests that you constantly encounter (despite the fact that Tressa is overall an awesome character)
2. Olberic vs. H’aanit – Olberic’s Challenge skill is far superior to H’aanit’s Provoke skill as by 50 he can pretty much challenge anyone in the game and he can use his main and secondary job skills (Runelord GG) as many times as he likes to easily farm some items for collectables. H’aanit is limited by however many monsters she has farmed and all the good ones are too much of a pain to collect to be worth blowing on provoking NPC’s that at most only have around 35k health.
3. Ophelia vs. Primrose – From around level 50 Ophilia can Guide almost anyone in the game with a 100% success rate and no risk to your reputation. Even at level 80-90 Primrose still has only a 50-60% chance to Allure some high-level NPCs which is absolutely absurd in my opinion.
4. Alfyn vs. Cyrus – Similar to Ophelia and Primrose, Alfyn’s Inspect ability works 100% of the time all the time after around level 50, but Cyrus’ scrutinize has a low success rate for some NPCs EVEN AT LEVEL 90!!!! gosh… it’s ridiculous. Also… you know…Alfyn is, hands down, one of the most game-breaking overpowered characters in the game, that’s just a little bonus.

Farming Strategies (specifically for Strategist)

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, if you want to get the Strategist achievement you will want to pray to RNGesus because you can occasionally be in for some tough times. Even some normal monsters have absolutely abysmal spawn rates sometimes. I actually got through around 9 or so full-length movies on Netflix waiting for just a few specific monsters to spawn. But, don’t give up! You can do it!

Given that you will be farming non-stop you will want to get through monster fights as quickly as possible, so you have a few options:

1. You just equip Cleric’s Dark Ward ability so that you can flee every battle until you find the monster you are looking for or…

2. You can end each fight in one move with Therion, get experience and leafs to buy items and have an easier time fighting the final boss!

WHY THERION!? Simple, because you will be farming hundreds, if not thousands of battles and no matter what skills you use you are going to be burning through SP. Thief is the only job that can very easily restore it’s SP in one hit with the Steal SP skill, and Therion often goes first in battle because of his speed. This means you can farm indefinitely using his SP Steal and the skills of whatever job you put on him!

For option 2 here are some suggested setups:


A. Make Therion or someone fast a Merchant and make Olberic or someone slow an Apothecary. At the start of each battle the Merchant Donate’s BP to the Apothecary and the Apothecary uses Last Stand. Done and done. (My recommendation)

B. The same as above except instead of an Apothecary you just use Therion as a Scholar and try to nuke the monsters with elemental attacks.

Early to Mid-game:

A. Similar to above, except you give BP to a Thief (likely Therion) and you use the Thief’s divine skill Aeber’s Reckoning, an attack based on speed and physical attack. If you equip the warrior passives skills Summon Strength and Surpassing Power and Merchant’s Half SP this will easily take you into mid-late game due to how massively this skill scales with the two stats.

Mid to Late-game:

As soon as you can, unlock the Sorcerer job and give it to Therion. He usually goes first because of his speed, and the Sorcerer spells are so strong that even with the battle-starting 1BP that you get it’s enough to one-shot all regular monsters in the game. Also, After Therion and Olberic’s stories you can get Heathcote’s Dagger and Harald’s Sword on Therion which make his fire skills do ridiculous damage.

Works Cited

Most of the information that is contained in this guide was compiled from a variety of resources but I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. If you contributed any of these resources and I didn’t mention you please send me a message ASAP so I can credit you!

Monster information: Marcv666


Marc has written several absolutely amazing resources on Steam for Octopath traveler and I highly recommend you check out his works in the link above!


Neorizer posted a great guide with a lot of links. I’m not sure if he made all of these database files but as I find out more I can give credit to more people.

My contributions besides making the functioning checklist and website were making a lot of corrections in terms of item locations, spelling, formatting, and even filling in a few missing chests/items that were overlooked.

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