Louisiana family who lost three siblings in wrong-way DUI crash (2024)

A heartbreaking video has triggered an outpouring of support for a woman who lost three of her children after a drunk driver, three times over the limit, killed them in a wrong way crash.

Lindy Ray, 20, Christopher, 17, and Kamryn Simmons, 15, were all killed when John Lundy, 54, struck their family's SUV head on while driving the wrong way down the interstate in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, days before Christmas 2021.

In the video posted to Instagram, the trio's sister, Katie DeRouen,31, who was one of nine children, shows the stark contrast of life before the fatal accident and the darkness that followed afterwards.

'When your life turns out so differently than you ever imagined', Katie captioned the short film. 'Watch how a drunk driver changed our lives in an instant.'

Siblings Lindy, 20, Christopher, 17, and Kamryn Simmons, 15, were killed by a drunk-driver in December 2021

In a video posted to Instagram, life before and after the horrific crash is shown in stark contrast

The clip opens with snippets of the carefree nature of everyday life: her mother playing catch with her son in the driveway; family posing for selfies and chatting to the camera; and carrying out errands such as going to the supermarket for food.

In other sections of the clip the teenagers are seen playing up to the camera, making funny comments and silly gestures.

Suddenly footage of the accident is shown with emergency vehicles spaced out across the Louisiana interstate I-49.

The video then moves on to the triple funeral with the three children’s caskets lying side-by-side, followed by horrific footage of the crash that saw their vehicle essentially torn to shreds.

Their mom Dawn, who survived the crash, is seen kneeling at memorials erected by the side of the interstate, sobbing in the front seat of a car at the cemetery.

The video moves on to see her cleaning the triple gravesite, with her hugging the tombstones as grief takes hold.

It’s clear that no matter how much time passes after the accident, the hurt is still raw but the family are determined to hold on to their memories.

The touching video sees other siblings helping to maintain the gravesite polishing the stones and keeping the area clean.

The video ends with both parents standing at the foot of their children’s graves, in a tear-jerking shot.

The crash occurredin the southbound lanes of I-49. The drunk driver was also killed on impact

Shocking footage of the minivan the family were traveling in brings home the seriousness of the head-on collision

The parents, Ray and Dawn Simmons, are seen tending to their three children's graves

Katie, whohas posted several videos on social media that have shown her family's grieving process, hopes the videos help raise awareness about how drunk driving can destroy people's lives in a moment.

Some of the featured images were found on the phone of her late sister Lindy, who was a budding photography student.

In recent weeks Dawn returned to Kamryn's high school and was seen posing with a bunch of flowers in her memory.

'I wonder where we would have went for your senior trip?' Katie ponders.

A week earlier, the family celebrated what would have been Kamryn's graduation from Arcadiana Christian School in New Iberia, Louisiana.

A photo posted to Instagram shows Kamryn's grave decked out in vases full of flowers, a mortarboard as worn by graduates together with an honorary diplomas presented posthumously by the school.

Family members work hard to maintain the gravesite, often sweeping and cleaning around it

The parents share a tender moment as they are left alone with their thoughts at the graveside

Her older sister Lindy was driving the family's car when they were hit head-on by pickup driver, Lundy. They were both killed on impact.

Dawn suffered a bleeding spleen, a punctured lung and two broken ankles. She also had a lacerated carotid artery.

DUI driver John Lundy's alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit to drive.

In Louisiana, drivers are considered legally drunk when their blood-alcohol level is at. 08 or more yet Lundy's blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash was .22.

He had been driving his 2005 Chevrolet Colorado pickup north in the southbound lanes of I-49. He was also killed on impact.

The family celebrated what would have been Kamryn's graduation from Arcadiana Christian School in New Iberia, Louisiana with an honorary degree presented posthumously

Sister,Katie Joy DeRouen, has continued to share updates on how the family is dealing with their grief following the 2021 deaths

Since the tragic accident, Dawn she has been going to high schools to speak to kids about the dangers of driving under the influence.

The family's nonprofit,Simmons 3, aims to spread awareness about the issue.

AGoFundMeset up since the accident has managed to raise $800,000 for the family.

Louisiana family who lost three siblings in wrong-way DUI crash (2024)
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