How to Watch TikTok Without the App (2024)

Use a web browser to view and share videos anonymously


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What to Know

  • Open TikTok site in a browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Browse the main feed to watch popular TikTok videos or search for one via the search bar.
  • A TikTok account is needed to save, like, and comment on videos.

The easiest way to watch TikTok videos without downloading an app or creating a TikTok account is to simply use the official TikTok website in a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Here’s everything you need to know about using TikTok without the app or an account.

How to Watch Without an App or Account

To browse TikTok and watch videos without an account or app, the easiest method is to simply visit the TikTok website. Here’s how to use the TikTok website to search for videos and watch them.

You can even browse TikTok on an Xbox or PlayStation video game console by using a web browser app like Microsoft Edge.

  1. Open the official TikTok website in a web browser of your choice.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (3)

  2. Videos on the main feed play automatically as they appear on your screen. Select a video to view its full description and comments left by TikTok users.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (4)

  3. You won’t be able to write a comment on the video or like it without a TikTok account, but you can still share it via the provided web link and share buttons.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (5)

  4. Select the creator's profile picture or name to view their TikTok profile.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (6)

  5. Select the X icon in the top-left corner to close the video and return to the main TikTok feed.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (7)

  6. To search or browse TikTok without an account, enter a phrase into the search bar at the top of the TikTok website and choose from one of the suggested terms.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (8)

  7. Select Accounts or Videos to refine your TikTok search results.

    How to Watch TikTok Without the App (9)

How to Watch TikTok Live Anonymously

All TikTok Live videos can be watched without an account on the TikTok website via the Live tab on the left menu.

How to Watch TikTok Without the App (10)

Viewing a TikTok livestream is completely anonymous when using the website while logged out though you will need to log in if you want to comment on a broadcast in its live chat.

How to Watch TikTok Without the App (11)

You will also need to have a TikTok account and be logged in to send virtual gifts with TikTok coins.

Can I View TikTok Without an Account?

You can use TikTok without an account though you will not be able to do the following:

  • Comment on a TikTok video
  • Like a TikTok video
  • Like someone else’s comment on a TikTok
  • Follow a TikTok account
  • Buy and use TikTok coins
  • Create a TikTok video of your own

How to Watch TikTok Videos Without Using TikTok

If you’re somehow unable to, or simply don’t want to, use the official TikTok website or apps, you can still watch a surprisingly large number of TikTok videos on other platforms and services.

  • Watch TikTok videos on Twitter. Many TikTok creators repost their TikToks as videos on Twitter for their Twitter followers to like and retweet while most other users frequently share their favorite TikTok videos on the platform. Try exploring the Videos tab when doing a Twitter search.
  • Explore TikTok videos on Facebook. Lots of people also repost TikTok videos on Facebook. These can be watched on Facebook just like any other video and don’t require a TikTok account or app installation. Check out a Facebook page’s Videos tab to see if they’ve uploaded any TikToks.
  • Watch TikTok compilations on YouTube. A growing number of creators and influencers upload their TikTok videos to YouTube both as YouTube Short and a regular YouTube video. Some people even edit together several TikTok videos to create a special compilation video. Try searching YouTube for “TikTok compilation” to see what’s available.
  • TikTok is massive on Instagram. While some people repost their TikTok videos as basic Instagram posts and Reels, these viral videos are massive when it comes to Instagram Stories due to their short runtime and vertical aspect ratio. Most TikTok creators will repost a TikTok as an Instagram Story as soon as it goes live.


  • How do I download TikTok videos without the app?

    While you can watch videos on TikTok's website without signing in, the share options will be different, and you won't have the option to save (in fact, trying to share a TikTok video on your phone will likely just direct you to download the app). Some sites promise to convert TikTok videos into savable formats, but you should be careful with these. Specifically, never use one that asks for your login info.

  • How do I use the TikTok app without an account?

    The TikTok app requires you to be logged in to browse videos. Use the browser version instead.

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How to Watch TikTok Without the App (2024)


Is it possible to watch TikTok without the app? ›

To browse TikTok and watch videos without an account or app, the easiest method is to simply visit the TikTok website. Here's how to use the TikTok website to search for videos and watch them. You can even browse TikTok on an Xbox or PlayStation video game console by using a web browser app like Microsoft Edge.

How do you watch a TikTok you just saw? ›

How to Find a TikTok Video You Watched
  1. Go to the Discover tab.
  2. Press the Search icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Type in your query.
  4. Press Search.
  5. Tap the Filters icon on the search bar's right-hand side.
  6. Toggle on Watched Videos.
  7. Press Apply.
Nov 10, 2022

Can I view TikTok without an account? ›

TikTok allows guests to watch videos without an account. But, it is required to create an account to follow TikTok creators and like or comment on their videos.

Can someone see if you viewed their TikTok profile? ›

You can turn your Profile view history on or off in your privacy settings or on your Profile views page. Turning off profile view history means you will not be able to see who has viewed your profile, and others would not be able to see that you've viewed theirs too.

Does TikTok have a Web version? ›

Yes, you can use TikTok on PC or Mac laptops. The mobile app isn't the only way you can enjoy short videos on the platform. You can also browse and upload videos to TikTok directly from your computer using the TikTok website.

Where can I find deleted Tiktoks? ›

How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos from Backup
  1. Open your Google Photos app.
  2. At the top left of the screen, tap "Menu".
  3. Select "Trash".
  4. Choose the TikTok videos you want to recover.
  5. Tap the "Restore" icon.
Feb 22, 2023

Can TikTok see your Google search history? ›

TikTok receives information including a person's IP address, their web browsing habits and search history, though some privacy settings can override how much data is tracked.

Who created TikTok? ›

Zhang Yiming is the main founder of Chinese tech giant ByteDance, best known for its insanely popular app TikTok, which has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Zhang stepped down as chairman of ByteDance in November 2021 after resigning as CEO in May that year, reportedly under pressure from the Chinese government.

How can I download TikTok videos without the app? ›

Method 2. Online TikTok Downloader
  1. Open the website SaveTT.CC from a broswer on your desktop or mobile devices.
  2. Find the TikTok video you want to download from the web version, then copy the link from "Share" > "Copy link."
  3. Paste the TikTok video link into, and click the "Search" button.
Feb 14, 2023

What does clear mode mean on TikTok? ›

October 3, 2022. TikTok allows users to turn on “Clear Mode” while viewing a video in the video-sharing application. When Clear Mode is activated, many elements of TikTok's user interface are temporarily hidden so that they don't appear on top of the video.

Can you see how many times someone viewed your TikTok video? ›

Without Analytics, you can only see the number of people viewing your videos without their demographics. To see only a video's views count, simply open the TikTok app and tap on your profile at the bottom-right of your screen. You should now be able to see the number of people that have viewed your videos.

Can you see how many times someone viewed your TikTok profile? ›

Yes, TikTok will tell you who has viewed your profile within the last 30 days as long as you enable the TikTok Profile View History feature in the settings. The prerequisite for this feature is that only TikTok users have also turned on the Profile View History and have visited your TikTok profile in the past 30 days.

Can you view saved TikToks on browser? ›

How to see saved videos on TikTok on desktop. Sorry, folks: as of May 2022, there's no way to easily see your saved photos via TikTok on desktop.

Who owns TikTok? ›

TikTok, which has over 150 million American users, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese technology firm ByteDance Ltd., which appoints its executives. ByteDance is based in Beijing but registered in the Cayman Islands, as is common for privately owned Chinese companies.

What is a TikTok browser? ›

TikTok's custom in-app browser on iOS reportedly injects JavaScript code into external websites that allows TikTok to monitor "all keyboard inputs and taps" while a user is interacting with a given website, according to security researcher Felix Krause, but TikTok has reportedly denied that the code is used for ...

Why does TikTok not work on browser? ›

Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data to troubleshoot whether or not the issue is related to connectivity. If internet connectivity is not the issue, try clearing your app cache.

Why can't i open TikTok in browser? ›

If TikTok is not working, try restarting the app, checking for updates, testing your internet connection, or clearing the app data and cache. If you are still having problems, contact TikTok support for assistance.

How do I search TikTok on safari? ›

1. Tap the search icon in the top right of your screen. 2. Enter what you're looking for in the search bar and tap Search.

Why is TikTok getting deleted? ›

Congress, the White House, U.S. armed forces and more than half of U.S. states had already banned TikTok amid concerns that its parent company, ByteDance, would give user data — such as browsing history and location — to the Chinese government, or push propaganda and misinformation on its behalf.

When you delete a TikTok video is it gone forever? ›

When you delete a TikTok video, is it gone forever? Yes—deleted TikTok video files are removed from the app permanently. Only backups that were automatically saved or manually created will remain.

Why is my TikTok video deleted? ›

If your TikTok content is under review, it will be reviewed by our Trust and Safety team to determine whether it should be removed or made ineligible for the For You feed according to our Community Guidelines. This may happen when you upload content, if it gains popularity, or if it's reported.

Can TikTok see through your camera? ›

Can TikTok access your camera? Yes, TikTok can access your camera, but only if you give the app permission. Keep in mind, though, that denying TikTok's access to your camera will prevent you from shooting content through the app, but you can still upload already-recorded videos to the platform.

Does TikTok read your texts? ›

TikTok knows the device you are using, your location, IP address, search history, the content of your messages, what you're viewing and for how long.

Can TikTok track you if you delete the app? ›

TikTok Tracks You Across the Web, Even If You Don't Use App - Consumer Reports.

Is TikTok 18+ a thing? ›

TikTok is extending the hours of its adult swim. The app is letting users restrict their videos so only viewers only the age of 18 can watch. In a blog post, TikTok announced an expansion of its Content Levels, which group the app's users by age and restrict the content seen by younger groups.

Is TikTok banned in China? ›

But the wildly popular platform, developed with homegrown Chinese technology, isn't accessible in China.

How many countries banned TikTok? ›

More than a dozen countries around the world have introduced full, partial or public sector bans on TikTok amid heightened national security concerns.

How do I remove TikTok watermark for free? ›

How to remove the TikTok watermark?
  1. Zoom in to crop the video.
  2. Add a border.
  3. Use a blur tool.
  4. Use a TikTok watermark remover app.
  5. Using a video editing tool.
  6. Save your video without a watermark in the first place.
  7. Use Hopper HQ.
Oct 31, 2022

How do I save TikTok without username? ›

Here's how to download a TikTok without the watermark:
  1. Find the TikTok you want to download in the app.
  2. Tap “Share” and then “Copy Link.”
  3. Open your iPhone's web browser and navigate to the online tool.
  4. Paste the copied URL into the field.
  5. Once the video is finished processing, tap “Download” to save it as an MP4.
Apr 12, 2022

How do I get rid of TikTok watermark on my iPhone? ›

Open Photos app on your iPhone, find and play the TikTok video that you need to remove the watermark, and tap on Edit. Tap on the Crop icon and adjust the shape of that box to remove TikTok watermark. Finally, tap on the Done to save the video without watermark.

Can you make the words go away on TikTok? ›

Create Appearing & Disappearing Words on TikTok

Creating vanishing text is pretty straightforward on the TT app. First, record or upload a video and tap the checkmark so it's ready to edit. On the edit screen, tap Text. (Aa icon).

Is it possible to mute words on TikTok? ›

Hide messages containing certain words

Did you know that TikTok allows you to turn on comment filters on your account, so that comments containing certain words are automatically hidden from your posts? You have the ability to decide which keywords cause a comment to be hidden.

How do you add and remove words on TikTok? ›

To use the text editing feature:
  1. Tap the text icon on the video editing page.
  2. Type your text.
  3. Choose the color and font you prefer.
  4. Change the size and position.
  5. Choose when the text will appear and vanish.
Jun 15, 2019

How do I minimize text in TikTok? ›

You can enlarge or shrink your text by pinching two fingers together, inwards to make it smaller or outwards to increase your font size. You can also set the duration of the text on the screen at this point. Click on any text element, and the Set Duration option will pop up.

What is restricted mode on TikTok? ›

Restricted Mode on TikTok limits exposure to content that may not be suitable for everyone.

What words are restricted in TikTok? ›

5 Surprising Things You Can't Say on TikTok
  • Cigarette(s) It's no mystery that cigarettes are bad for you. ...
  • Thick/Thicc. It's amazing what changing one letter of a word can do. ...
  • Dead. Here's where things start getting really crazy. ...
  • Hole. ...
  • Anatomical Terms for Reproductive Organs.
Apr 29, 2022

How do I remove letters from a video? ›

How to remove a watermark from a video?
  1. Upload video. Open your file or drag the video onto the platform. ...
  2. Blur the logo. If you need to see a video watermark blurred, you need to select the area with the logo and choose the blurring tool.
  3. Remove the logo. ...
  4. Think about other tools. ...
  5. Choose a format. ...
  6. Save and continue your work.

What font is TikTok text? ›

What font does TikTok use? TikTok uses the Classic font, which is nearly identical to Proxima Nova – Semibold.

What app can remove TikTok watermark? ›

5 Best Apps to Remove TikTok Watermarks and How to Use Them:
  • Apowersoft Watermark Remover.
  • Remove & Add Watermark.
  • Video Converter.
  • Kapwing.
  • MusicallyDown.
Mar 24, 2023

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