Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (2024)

South Orewell Pass

ChestChest #
Olive of Life (M) ×11
Fire Soulstone (M) ×12
Energizing Pomegranate (L) ×13
Healing Grape (M) ×14
Enemy NameWeaknesses
Cliff Birdking II

Cliff Birdking III

Giant Eagle

Creepy Fledgling

Woolly Spider

Bloody Rhino

You might as well stop into Orewell as you pass through this area just to bank the fast travel. The path to North Riverford Traverse is to the south.

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North Riverford Traverse

ChestChest #
Herb of Revival ×11
Silver-filled Pouch ×12
Wind Soulstone (L) ×13
Enemy NameWeaknesses
River Frogking II

River Frogking III

Lord of the Flies

Horned Fly

Blue Bull

Another job shrine here, but as usual we will head to town first and prepare.


Revitalizing Jam ×1Riverford - Guarded house east of the inn
Herb of Valor ×1Lower Riverford - Just SE of where you enter on a lower ledge; take the first set of stairs down to reach it
Adamantine Shield ×1Lower Riverford - Inside middle guarded house
Hidden ItemNPC Location
Fire Soulstone (L) ×1Riverford - Left-hand guard at the entrance
Silver-filled Pouch ×1Riverford - Left-hand guard in the tavern (item is inside guarded house in Lower Riverford)
Healing Grape (M) ×1Riverford - Old Man east of the weapon / item shop
Silver Clock ×1Lower Riverford - Merchant behind western guarded house (need to approach from the east; item is in Riverford area)
Energizing Pomegranate (M) ×1Lower Riverford - NPC guarding middle guarded house

The NPC guarding the house east of the inn requires Olberic to be level 55 to challenge him. The first townsperson you see upon entering Lower Riverford grants "Challenge With Ease" upon Inquiring / Scrutinizing them, which lowers the level requirement by at least 5 (my Olberic was level 50 and it let me challenge the NPC; I have received reports that even level 45 is high enough). If you're still not a high enough level, you will have to rely on H'aanit (he's weak against spear, dagger, and fire), or just level up Olberic a bit.

In Lower Riverford, there are three people guarding houses, but the guy at the far east cannot be challenged at all. The NPC guarding the western house is a joke. The one guarding the middle house is a little tougher, but again nothing we haven't handled before (Befuddling Balm can cause confusion but it's not really too dangerous, considering Olberic will smack himself out of it).

Side stories:

  • Side Story - The Hidden Hoard: The Passionate Youth is to the east of the pyre stakes that are in the middle of Riverford. You can either Inquire / Scrutinize the "The Fall of House Landar" info from the Erstwhile Bodyguard next to the fountain in Stonegard Heights, or Purchase / Steal House Landar Records from the Erstwhile Retainer in Atlasdam (south down the steps just after entering the town).
  • Side Story - The Adventuring Life: This NPC is the Servant outside the tavern. Either Guide / Allure the Enthusiastic Youth in front of the Atladam library and bring him back here, or Challenge / Provoke the Mysterious Knight NPC in South Orewell Pass (see map at the top of this page, he's just south of the entrance to Dragonsong Fane).
  • Side Story - Meryl, Lost then Found (III): Meryl is by the river in Lower Riverford. Guide / Allure her into the house just to the north and speak to the NPC in the bed here.

As far as preparing for the shrine, bring Alfyn for concocting Pomegranate Panaceas (Purifying Dusts and Essences of Pomegranate), Tressa for Runelord / Sidestep, and give Cyrus the Eye for an Eye skill (second dancer support skill; this is optional). You may want to bring a healer for the initial phases of the battle before Sidestep is established.

Shrine of the Warbringer

ChestChest #
Inspiriting Plum Basket ×11
Herb of Revival ×12
Refreshing Jam ×13
Revitalizing Jam ×15
Enemy NameWeaknesses
Thunder Remnant Mk.II

*Thunder Revenant

Flame Remnant Mk.II

Flame Revenant

*Shadow Revenant

* The Shadow Revenant once again has a low encounter rate at 5%. This is the highest rate we will see for this enemy, but there is an optional dungeon that they appear in at this same frequency that we will tackle later, so don't worry if you miss it here. The Thunder Revenant has an even lower encounter rate at 3%, but there is another dungeon coming up where it appears at the same rate, so again feel free to leave this one for later. The Flame Revenant has an 8% encounter rate, however, so get this one now!

Like the other shrines, this one is short and straightforward. The main story here is the boss, but she won't pose a problem if you're well prepared.

BOSS: Winnehild, WarbringerWeaknesses
Winnehild - HP: 204,444Set 1

Set 2

You'll want to use Alfyn primarily to boost everyone's BP with Pomegranate Panaceas. Have Tressa cast Transfer Rune on herself the first turn and then max boosted Sidestep on everyone her next turn. You may need another character focused on healing during this initial setup. Keep Sidestep stacked on everyone for the remainder of the battle.

Once you're comfortably in Sidestep mode, just focus on doing damage based on Winnehild's weaknesses. Empoison will help add to the damage if you have a free turn with Alfyn. Should you have a free turn with Tressa before Winnehild is recovering from a break, feel free to cast either Ice Rune or Fire Rune, depending on the boss' current weakness set, to ramp up the damage. This is particularly useful on characters who have Eye for an Eye equipped, as they will counterattack Winnehild's constant stream of attacks, which includes damage from the "Pursuit" attack granted by the rune.

If Winnehild goes into boost mode and you have at least six stacks of Sidestep on everyone and an Ice or Fire Run active on Cyrus (who has Eye for an Eye), you should absolutely let the boss use War Cry, as Cyrus' counterattacks will absolutely devastate her.

If you need to restore anyone or everyone's SP, you can have Tressa use Rest on everyone. Transfer Rune is seriously insane.

After the battle you will unlock:

  • Winnehild's Wisdom

    Obtained warmaster as a secondary job.

    Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (68)

    1 guideGuide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (69)Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (70)

This job is a great choice for H'aanit or Olberic, particularly if you have the JP necessary to unlock Winnehild's Battle Cry (the final warmaster skill).

Back in town, start up Olberic's Chapter 4 and proceed through the initial events. Eventually you will gain access to the Hidden Path.

Hidden Path

ChestChest #
Herb of Valor ×11
Imperial Helm ×12
Olive of Life (M) ×13
Ice Soulstone (L) ×14
Silver-filled Pouch ×15
Inspiriting Plum Basket ×16
Healing Grape (M) ×1 *7
Enemy NameWeaknesses
Mad Ratkin

**Giant Gator

* You will have to return to grab chest #7 after completing the chapter since a cutscene will prevent you from grabbing it (you cannot return to the Hidden Path area until after the chapter ends).

** The encounter rate for the Giant Gator is low at 5% and it appears more commonly in a later dungeon. You know the drill.

After the cutscene at the west end of the area, you'll end up in the Lord's Manse. At this point, if you warp back to town, you can reenter the Manse via the front door, which lets you skip a bit of the dungeon (useful for a speedrun, but not our purposes).

Lord's Manse

ChestChest #
Healing Grape (M) ×11
Energizing Pomegranate (L) ×12
Silver-filled Pouch ×13
Blizzard Amulet ×14
Inspiriting Plum (M) ×15
Rune Hatchet ×16
Clarity Stone ×17
Healing Grape Bunch ×18
Refreshing Jam ×19
Inspiriting Plum Basket ×110
Enemy NameWeaknesses
Werner's Man I

Werner's Man II

Werner's Man III

Dark Guardian Mk.II

Dark Curator Mk.II

Fire Guardian Mk.II

Flame Curator Mk.II

As noted in the previous section, the only entrance / exit to this area (at least temporarily) is the front door. Once you reach the front door, consider heading back out into Riverford to prepare for the boss. The Runelord Tressa / Pomegranate Panacea Alfyn combo will work well. Feel free to bring whoever else for your fourth slot. Also equip as many Calming Stones as you can (you should have 3; make sure Alfyn has one of them). Equip a Vivifying Stone on whoever you didn't give the Calming Stone to (this will make sense in the battle).

BOSS: WernerWeaknesses
Werner - HP: 101,396

You will only have access to some of Werner's weaknesses at any given time, and he will rotate which ones are blocked throughout the battle. When the "aura of dread" is present, Werner's attacks have a chance to cause terror to any party member that isn't protected against it (hence the Calming Stones). He also has an attack called Rule by Fear, which instantly kills any character that has the terror debuff (hence the Vivifying Stone on the character that didn't get the Calming Stone).

Most of Werner's attacks are physical, so Transfer Rune / Sidestep once again saves the day. Keep everyone's BP topped off with Alfyn and the battle should be cake.

Following the battle, you will unlock:

  • To Protect Those in Need

    Cleared chapter 4 of Olberic's journey.

    Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (107)

    Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (108)Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (109)Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (110)

Don't forget to go back and grab the Healing Grape (chest #7 on the map) from the Hidden Path!

Now warp to Orewell (if you didn't stop by earlier, you'll have to walk there instead; see the map at the top of this page).

36. Chapter 4 - Alfyn34. Chapter 4 - H'aanit

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Guide for Octopath Traveler - Chapter 4 (2024)
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