Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: 10 Amazing Cosplays That Look Just Like The Characters, Updated 2024 (2024)

Demon Slayer: Kimestu No Yaibagave fans one of the highest-grossing movies of 2020 and they are still fired up about their favorite characters and the challenges they faced on the Mugen Train.The coolest thing about the characters of Demon Slayer, aside from their abilities, are their costumes; The Hashira and Demon Slayer Corps members, and even some of the demons themselves, have costume designs that flow with the breathing techniques they use, and some, like Tanjiro’s, are representative of their families.

Due to its continued popularity, fans have brought to life the different styles of the Twelve Kizuki and the demon slayers. No matter who these artists are cosplaying, they impressively include props, lighting, edits, and context to capture the essence of the character they bring to life.

10 Tanjiro Side-By-Sides

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Akemi is a model, cosplayer, and streamer whose Instagram highlights feature their Etsy shop, where fans can buy prints of their cosplays, Youtube channel, Twitch, and cosplay updates. Tanjiro Kamado is one of the purest main charactersthat has suffered quite a lotin anime and Akemi grasped that concept by depicting one of the scenes that truly showed his heart.

They posted this multi-slide Tanjiro set for fans to see the re-creation of some of Tanjiro’s coolest scenesusing Water Breathing Fifth Form. He uses this form when fighting the Spider Demon mother because it is the “sword strike of kindness” and she seemed to not want to hurt him so he wanted to show her mercy. In partnership with their photographer and editor, Akemi dedicated themselves to the poses while flawlessly and accurately depicting the scenes.

9 Siblings

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Nezuko is often the sibling in danger when Tanjiro battles with either a demon who wants to recruit her or a demon slayer who wants to kill her. She learns this pretty quickly and understands that she wants to protect Tanjiro just as much as he wants to protect her. Though she is small, she is mighty.

Cincinnati cosplayer, Akakioga, grasps the innocence of Nezuko but the protective nature of the character as she poses with her very own sibling, @kitti_rah, as Tanjiro in a cosplay collaboration. Akakioga’s proper pose shows how cosplayers can take the fact that Nezuko is younger and smaller than Tanjiro and use photography techniques to translate that about a character. While Tanjiro is the older, protective sibling, Nezuko is always ready to protect her brother and Akakioga gave a classic Nezuko pose.

8 Thunder Breathing

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Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Thunder Breathingis unique to his understanding of the technique and he even developed two extensions of the first form, “Eight Fold” and “God Speed,” to attack faster. His technique requires him to lean into his pose and envelope himself in lightning, ready to extend his sword. Islen captures the first steps of the beginning stance and lightning build-up through the editing for their cosplay.

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Islen is a Russian cosplayer & cosplay photographer who started their Instagram to share their polished costuming skills while showcasing their favorite characters, starting withMy Hero Academia‘sJirou Kyouka and most recently, Zenitsu Agatsuma.

7 Angel Face

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Inosuke Hashibara’s Beast Breathing is a technique of his own creation after surviving in the mountains on his own. He fulfills the “loud friend” Shonen trope and he is often described as the wild boar with an angel face. Karoline’s well-crafted costume and wig paired with Inosuke’s swords and boar head grasp that he is in fact sweet but deadly. She also used his chaotic energy to create a great Instagram reel.

Mexico-based tattoo artist, Karoline, brings Inosuke’s confidentattitude to the forefront of this photoshoot. Her pose atop the rock perfectly encompasses his confidence. Inosuke often poses with one sword toward the front and one above his head, like Karoline did here, not only showing off her knowledge of the character’s mannerisms but her prop skills as well.

6 You Did Well

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Rengoku Kyojuro rarely was seen without a smile and held himself and his fellow demon slayers to a higher moral standard. He also is notorious for being reassuring to The Hashira and the Demon Slayer Corps members.Toward the end of Rengoku’s life, as his mother appeared to him, she told him he did a wonderful job, and Phil captured that moment beautifully with this photoshoot.

California-based gamer and artist, Phil, cosplays characters like Bakugo and Inuyasha and keeps his followers up-to-date with his art highlights. His high-quality wigs and makeup looks paired with perfectly edited backgrounds bring his characters to life. He fully grasped Rengoku’s wholesome yet fiery personality.

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5 Dead Calm

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Tomioka is the Water Hashira who created his own form known as the “Dead Calm.” This form grasps who he is since it focuses on tranquility. He almost constantly sports a serious demeanor and Avena’s makeup skills allowed her to show off his sharp jawline and unbothered facial expressions in her cosplay. Aside from snow, Avena’s forest location mirrors the bamboo-like backgrounds Tomioka finds himself in for nearly every fight.

After some trial and error, Avena printed the pattern on this haori herself and continues to cosplay Tomioka Giyu on a regular basis. Her Instagram highlights also give fans insight into the process it takes to create her cosplays.

4 Poisonous

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As the Flower Hashira, Shinobu Kocho distracts her enemies with her easy-going personality but has a slayer side that allows her to know when and how to use her poison to defeat enemies. Her most significant costume piece is her butterfly haori.

24-year-old Whimsi, is a UK-based cosplayer specializing in anime cosplays and has been featured on Hyper Japan. She keeps the captions silly and the characterization is top tier. Whimsi smiles and poses to capture the heart of her followers and to exude the same welcoming energy as Kocho in the butterfly garden where she would truly be in her element.

3 Demon King

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One of the best demon animerequires one of the best demons. Muzan Kibutsuji, also known as the Demon King, is first encountered by Tanjiro in a setting where he blends with every other citizen.Japan cosplayer, Dir, specializes in a few fandoms and even has a separate account for their Disney cosplays but their Kibutsuji is one of their more recent and extremely screen-accurate.

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Dir brings this look to life but adds the red lighting to expose Kibutsuji’s true evil nature even in cosplay photography. With red contacts and the makeup accentuating their features, Dir replicates Kibutsuji’s sharp jawline and intense eyes very well.

2 Upper Kizuki

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Akaza, formerly known as the human Hakuji, was transformed by Muzan and still touted his criminal tattoos from his human life. Akaza is one of the demons introduced in the movie; He constantly craved power and never knew why until he realized it was due to the corruption of his human memories haunting him.

Youtuber & cosplayer, Nezu, shares her love of anime with over 30,000 followers and ranges in cosplays from the Powerpuff Girls to her most recent, Tomura Shigaraki. Even with a closet cosplay like this Akaza, Nezu absolutely nails it; The clean lines, the pink hair,the flawlessly edited eyes, and the lashes are all she needed to capture his conniving demeanor.

1 The Strongest

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As Kibutsuji’s right-hand man, Kokushibou upholds Muzan’s Upper Moon system and is always ready to fight when asked but somehow in an honorable manner. He rarely uses his Demon Blood Art and instead, he uniquely uses Moon Breathing techniques.

Makeup artist, Amanda, collaborated with other artists to share their good versus evilDemon Slayermakeup looks. Amanda’s transformation video shows what it took for her to become the grim Upper-Rank One Kizuki. One of the most impressive features and screen-accurate demon depictions is the use of costume contacts that were edited in post to resemble Kokushibou’s eyes.

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