Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (2023)

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (1)Black onyx is a type of layered chalcedony in midnight black with white bands. The onyx stone has been the choice material for jewelry cameos for centuries. Over time, the term onyx has evolved to describe any engraved stone material with a solid body tone. Despite the various interpretations, onyx is a natural gemstone in its own class. The most popular variety is black onyx, a traditionally exceptional gemstone for jewelry, carvings, and décor.

What is the meaning of black onyx? Is black onyx valuable? And what is black onyx used for, anyway?

You’ll find everything there is to know about onyx gemstone information in this handy guide, so keep reading!

What is Black Onyx?

Like agate, onyx is a chalcedony mineral composed of microcrystalline quartz. Adding to the intrigue of this mysterious gem are banded layers of milky white. The stark contrast provides the perfect depth for skilled artisans to carve intricate jewelry cameos and intaglios. The stone’s black base offers the perfect backdrop to allow the white upper layer to illuminate figurines, sculptures, and portraits carved by a skilled hand.

And they’ve been around since antiquity.

Is onyx a precious stone? During early civilization, black onyx was a prized gem, but it has gradually decreased in value and prestige over time. Black onyx is still a common gemstone, but it doesn’t have the same admiration as diamonds or sapphires. But let’s not disregard this unique gem because it has current uses and benefits.

While it’s often confused with agate, a sister gemstone, the two are different gemstones. Black onyxes with banded white are commonly marketed as agate, so onyx as an entity has blurred within the gem market. Additionally, most people are more familiar with sardonyx, a warmer-toned variety that’s the August birthstone.

It’s important to understand the difference because onyx has distinct parallel lines, whereas agate has swirling, concentric, non-linear lines. However, distinguishing one from the other can only be done with rough specimens where the parallel lines and banding are visible.

Black onyx is a popular choice for beads, jewelry, and carvings, and you can find the stone in bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (2)Onyx Specifications

What is black onyx made of, exactly? Below are the onyx geological properties and characteristics.

  • Onyx chemical formula: SiO2

  • Mineral class: Chalcedony

  • Varieties: Sardonyx, Carnelian Onyx, Black Onyx, Agate Onyx, Nicolo Onyx

  • Crystal structure: Hexagonal, microcrystalline

  • Colors: Black and white (banded), red, brown, yellow, blue, solid black

  • Luster: Waxy

  • Transparency: Opaque

  • Hardness on Mohs scale: 7

  • Specific Gravity: 2.651

  • Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553

  • Birefringence: Max 0.009

  • Cleavage: None

  • Dispersion: None

  • Fracture: Conchoidal

  • Treatments: Heat treatment and dyeing

Onyx Variations

Black Onyx

Most natural onyx exhibits thin bands of color, but sometimes, you’ll come across an entirely black onyx stone. These are highly rare, though, and typically have surrounding colors in the base rock that lapidaries cut away. Because genuine black onyx is elusive, most stones advertised as solid black onyx are chalcedony stones dyed black.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (3)Sardonyx

Original onyx is black and white, but there are additional variations. For instance, you may have heard of onyx by another name: sardonyx. Are the two the same? Sardonyx is chemically similar to onyx, but its colors differ. When you see onyx with warm hues of brown, red, and yellow, it’s called sardonyx.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (4)Carnelian Onyx

If the base tone is red with a white top layer, it’s called carnelian onyx. Warm, almost glowing ornamental carvings were popular decorations in ancient Eastern and European societies.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (5)Nicolo Onyx

These are carved intaglios made from onyx stone. The body tone is so black it appears almost blue, like a midnight sky, topped with delicate layers of white.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (6)Onyx Meaning and Folklore

What does onyx symbolize? The original onyx stone meaning comes from the Greek term onux, which means fingernail in English. You just know there’s some rich folklore coming to illustrate the ancient black onyx meaning, right? We won’t leave you hanging.

Legend has it that Eros, the Greek god of love and passion, rebelliously cut the sleeping goddess, Aphrodite’s fingernails, with an arrowhead. What did the gods do with her fingernail clippings? Transform them into onyx, naturally!

For the Ancient Greeks and Romans, onyx became a choice stone for carving cameos. But the stone was also used for intaglios (negative reliefs, like the ancient Gemma Augustea) that highlight onyx’s beautiful bands.

There’s also exciting symbolism behind the black onyx spiritual meaning. In China, black onyx is a protective and grounding stone used for Feng Shui. Crystal healers use the stone to increase stamina and determination.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the stone’s uses.

Onyx Uses and Benefits

Black onyx is an opaque gemstone that looks best when cut and polished. The cabochon style involves smoothing, tumbling, and polishing stones to best showcase their unique features. In black onyx, the cabochon technique brings out the stone’s milky bands and stripes.

Given these characteristics, what is the onyx stone good for?

Onyx Gemstone and Jewelry Designs

The most popular use for onyx is jewelry, where the contrast of black against light white bands beautifully compliments earrings, rings, and bracelets. More artistically is the use of black onyx for necklace pendants and cameos.

The material is soft enough for carving intricate designs but durable enough for jewelry use. The ultimate goal with onyx jewelry is to best display the stone’s bands. Whether it’s Sardonyx, Black Onyx, Carnelian Onyx, or Nicolo onyx, the lapidary or artist will always consider how to best showcase the bands.

Because of the neutral coloring, onyx is prevalent in men’s and women’s jewelry. The stark black color creates a striking contrast when set into gold jewelry metal.

During the Victorian and Art Deco eras, onyx evoked drama and emotional statements. For instance, Victorian women commonly wore black onyx when mourning. And during the geometric, bold Art Deco era, black was an integral color to contrast the glitzy aesthetic.

A fine example of exquisite onyx jewelry is the Van Cleef & Arpels “Manhattan Flowers” earrings set, worn by Adele at the 2012 BRITs awards.

When combined with precious gemstones like diamonds and neutral moonstones, onyx immediately elevates to regal-status.

But without fancy gems in tow, onyx alone is an affordable, diverse gemstone.

Onyx Metaphysical Properties & Healing

People have used black onyx in natural healing for centuries, thanks to its perceived powers of protection. What are the healing properties of black onyx?

The now mainstream practice of crystal healing uses onyx to ward off negative energies and offer anxiety relief. Like most healing crystals, onyx has physical and metaphysical powers. The stone can help heal wounds, minimize childbirth pains, and improve hair, teeth, nail, and skin health.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (7)Onyx Zodiac Stone

Onyx is the August birthstone and zodiac stone for Leo (July 23-Aug 23). Despite the stone’s dark tones, it’s a warm stone boasting creativity and generosity. Wearing an onyx zodiac stone can open the mind, but be wary: there are adverse side effects of dominance, interference, and intolerance.

Onyx Color

The most popular onyx color is black onyx — a white layer above a black base or black stone with milky white bands. Other colored onyxes typically go by different names, as outlined above with Sardonyx, Carnelian onyx, and Nicolo onyx.

What is dyed onyx? Most onyx receives heat treatments and dyes, which is standard practice for many gemstones. Enhancements are applied to bring out the thin layers of color in an onyx stone. Since chalcedony is a porous material, it accepts the dye well and without damage.

Many black onyxes were once gray chalcedony slabs dyed to turn them solid black. The process involves dipping chalcedony in a solution of sugar and applying heat with sulfuric acid. Keep in mind that unless an item specifies it’s “untreated,” most black onyx has received enhancements.

Onyx Origins

Where is onyx found? Globally! Onyx forms in silica deposits and gas cavities that grow chalcedony bands in alternating colors. The most prominent black onyx sources are:

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Uruguay

  • Madagascar

  • Czech Republic

  • Germany

  • Indonesia

  • Pakistan

  • Australia

  • Argentina

  • France

  • China

  • Germany

  • India

  • Russia

  • Yemen

  • United Kingdom

  • Scotland

  • United States

False Names

The four onyx types we listed above are universally recognized. However, there are common misnomers you’ll come across. Remember the following names are not onyx, even if advertised as such:

  • Limestone Onyx, Onyx Marble, and Mexican Onyx: These are banded calcite from limestone caves. Calcite is a mineral class different from chalcedony quartz, the actual species of onyx. Thus, none of these stones are real onyx.

  • Green Onyx: These are typically chalcedony stones dyed a deep green.

  • Onyx Opal: These contain opal layers, but opal is not onyx in composition, so onyx opal is strictly opal.

  • Rhodochrosite Onyx: A banded rhodochrosite stone variety that is commonly called onyx because of its bands.

Synthetic Onyx

Onyx simulants aren’t a new concept. Pliny the Elder (an ancient naturalist) described synthetic onyx during the Roman reign. Today, making synthetic onyx requires a mixture of chalcedony and agate. Unlike other synthetic gemstones made from lab-created materials, synthetic onyx is a simulation combining various natural gemstones.

Common materials used to create synthetic onyx include black glass, augite, and black spinel. These gemstones are great candidates for onyx synthetics because they are often wrongfully identified as onyx.

Fun fact: some of the materials used to make synthetic onyx are more valuable than black onyx. Doesn’t that seem odd? The reason is that plan black spinel is almost considered irrelevant in the gem industry. So, the forgotten gemstone has a better chance of selling as a synthetic onyx.

Pliny the Elder described this practice as turning “one variety (of genuine stones) into false stones of another.” In the case of synthetic onyx, the materials aren’t fake, just another species.

Black Onyx Price and Value

How much is a black onyx worth? Not surprisingly, the price range is vast, and you can buy black onyx anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred per carat.

Ultimately, it depends on whether you buy loose black onyx stones or fine jewelry. A black onyx gemstone might only cost around $15-$20. But set that same gemstone into a 14K gold ring, and the price jumps up to several hundred dollars. Add in accent stones like diamonds, and the price climbs up to several thousand dollars.

Onyx alone might not hold a high value, but adding fine jewelry accents elevates onyx into the luxury category. Without the frills, it’s a widely available, affordable gemstone.

Onyx Care and Maintenance

While not the hardest gemstone around, onyx is still durable enough for daily wear. Most onyx stones will resist typical scratching and abrasions. Nevertheless, you’ll want to exercise proper care and maintenance to keep the stone in prime condition.

Fortunately, caring for black onyx is easy: simply use soapy water and wipe it down with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. Because it’s softer than other gemstones, it’s smart to store your black onyx jewelry separate from harder gems like diamonds and sapphires.

Looking to Buy Black Onyx?

There you have it! That sums up everything you need to know about black onyx information. Ready to shop?

Whether you’re looking for onyx gemstones or intricate carvings, you’re in the right place for all of your black onyx needs! Not only does black onyx makes a great addition to your jewelry collection, but it’s a moody statement piece and conversation starter. Who can resist?

Shop onyx cabochons, onyx rough specimens, onyx gemstones, and parcels to find your newest piece today!

Onyx Gemstones

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (10) El ónix negro es un tipo de calcedonia en capas de color negro medianoche con bandas blancas. La piedra de ónix ha sido el material elegido para camafeos de joyería durante siglos. Con el tiempo, el término ónix ha evolucionado para describir cualquier material de piedra grabada con un tono de cuerpo sólido. A pesar de las diversas interpretaciones, el ónix es una piedra preciosa natural en su propia clase. La variedad más popular es el ónix negro, una piedra preciosa tradicionalmente excepcional para joyería, tallas y decoración.

¿Cuál es el significado del ónix negro? ¿Es valioso el ónix negro? ¿Y para qué se usa el ónix negro?

Encontrará todo lo que hay que saber sobre la información de las piedras preciosas de ónix en esta práctica guía, ¡así que siga leyendo!

¿Qué es el ónix negro?

Al igual que el ágata, el ónix es un mineral de calcedonia compuesto de cuarzo microcristalino. A la intriga de esta misteriosa gema se suman capas de bandas de color blanco lechoso. El marcado contraste proporciona la profundidad perfecta para que los artesanos hábiles tallan intrincados camafeos e intaglios de joyería. La base negra de la piedra ofrece el telón de fondo perfecto para permitir que la capa superior blanca ilumine figuras, esculturas y retratos tallados por una mano experta.

Y han existido desde la antigüedad.

¿Es el ónice una piedra preciosa? Durante la civilización temprana, el ónix negro era una gema preciada, pero su valor y prestigio han disminuido gradualmente con el tiempo. El ónix negro sigue siendo una piedra preciosa común, pero no tiene la misma admiración que los diamantes o los zafiros. Pero no despreciemos esta joya única porque tiene usos y beneficios actuales.

Si bien a menudo se confunde con el ágata, una piedra preciosa hermana, las dos son piedras preciosas diferentes. Los ónices negros con bandas blancas se comercializan comúnmente como ágata, por lo que el ónix como entidad se ha desdibujado en el mercado de gemas. Además, la mayoría de las personas están más familiarizadas con el sardonyx , una variedad de tonos más cálidos que es la piedra natal de agosto.

Es importante entender la diferencia porque el ónix tiene líneas paralelas distintas, mientras que el ágata tiene líneas concéntricas, no lineales y arremolinadas. Sin embargo, distinguir uno de otro solo se puede hacer con especímenes en bruto donde las líneas paralelas y las bandas son visibles.

El ónix negro es una opción popular para abalorios, joyas y tallas, y puedes encontrar la piedra en pulseras, aretes, anillos y collares.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (11) Especificaciones de ónix

¿De qué está hecho exactamente el ónix negro? A continuación se muestran las propiedades y características geológicas del ónix.

  • Fórmula química de ónix: SiO2

  • Clase de mineral: Calcedonia

  • Variedades: Sardonyx, Carnelian Onyx, Black Onyx, Agate Onyx, Nicolo Onyx

  • Estructura cristalina: Hexagonal, microcristalino

  • Colores: blanco y negro (con bandas), rojo, marrón, amarillo, azul, negro sólido

  • Brillo: ceroso

  • Transparencia: Opaco

  • Dureza en la escala de Mohs: 7

  • Gravedad Específica: 2.651

  • Índice de refracción: 1.544-1.553

  • Birrefringencia: Max 0.009

  • Escote: Ninguno

  • Dispersión: Ninguna

  • Fractura: Concoide

  • Tratamientos: Tratamiento térmico y tintura

Variaciones de ónix

Ónix negro

La mayoría de los ónix naturales exhiben finas bandas de color, pero a veces te encontrarás con una piedra de ónix completamente negra. Sin embargo, estos son muy raros y, por lo general, tienen colores circundantes en la roca base que cortan los lapidarios. Debido a que el ónix negro genuino es esquivo, la mayoría de las piedras anunciadas como ónix negro sólido son piedras de calcedonia teñidas de negro.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (12) Sardónice

El ónix original es blanco y negro, pero hay variaciones adicionales. Por ejemplo, es posible que hayas oído hablar del ónix con otro nombre: sardonyx. ¿Son los dos iguales? Sardonyx es químicamente similar al ónix, pero sus colores difieren. Cuando ves ónix con tonos cálidos de marrón, rojo y amarillo, se llama sardonyx.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (13) Cornalina Onyx

Si el tono base es rojo con una capa superior blanca, se llama cornalina ónix. Las tallas ornamentales cálidas, casi brillantes, eran decoraciones populares en las antiguas sociedades europeas y orientales.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (14) Nicolo Onix

Estos son huecograbados tallados en piedra de ónix. El tono del cuerpo es tan negro que parece casi azul, como un cielo de medianoche, rematado con delicadas capas de blanco.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (15) Onyx Significado y Folclore

¿Qué simboliza el ónix? El significado original de la piedra de ónice proviene del término griego onux, que significa uña en inglés. Solo sabes que viene un rico folclore para ilustrar el antiguo significado del ónix negro, ¿verdad? No te dejaremos colgado.

Cuenta la leyenda que Eros, el dios griego del amor y la pasión, cortó con rebeldía las uñas de Afrodita, la diosa durmiente, con una punta de flecha. ¿Qué hicieron los dioses con sus uñas cortadas? ¡Transfórmalos en ónix, naturalmente!

Para los antiguos griegos y romanos, el ónix se convirtió en la piedra preferida para tallar camafeos. Pero la piedra también se utilizó para intaglios (relieves en negativo, como la antigua Gemma Augustea) que resaltan las hermosas bandas del ónix.

También hay un simbolismo emocionante detrás del significado espiritual del ónix negro. En China, el ónix negro es una piedra protectora y de puesta a tierra utilizada para el Feng Shui. Los curanderos de cristal usan la piedra para aumentar la resistencia y la determinación.

Profundicemos un poco más en los usos de la piedra.

Usos y beneficios de Onyx

El ónix negro es una piedra preciosa opaca que se ve mejor cuando se corta y se pule. El estilo cabujón consiste en alisar, voltear y pulir piedras para mostrar mejor sus características únicas. En ónix negro, la técnica del cabujón resalta las bandas y rayas lechosas de la piedra.

Dadas estas características, ¿para qué sirve la piedra de ónice?

Diseños de joyas y piedras preciosas de ónix

El uso más popular del ónix es la joyería, donde el contraste del negro con las bandas blancas claras complementa maravillosamente los aretes, anillos y pulseras. Más artísticamente es el uso de ónix negro para collares colgantes y camafeos.

El material es lo suficientemente suave para tallar diseños intrincados pero lo suficientemente duradero para usar en joyería. El objetivo final de las joyas de ónix es mostrar mejor las bandas de la piedra. Ya sea Sardonyx, Black Onyx, Carnelian Onyx o Nicolo onyx, el lapidario o el artista siempre considerarán la mejor manera de mostrar las bandas.

Debido a la coloración neutra, el ónix prevalece en las joyas de hombres y mujeres. El color negro intenso crea un contraste sorprendente cuando se coloca en el metal dorado de la joyería.

Durante las épocas victoriana y art déco, el ónix evocaba drama y emociones. Por ejemplo, las mujeres victorianas solían usar ónix negro cuando estaban de luto. Y durante la era Art Deco geométrica y audaz, el negro era un color integral para contrastar la estética deslumbrante.

Un buen ejemplo de exquisita joyería de ónix es el conjunto de aretes "Manhattan Flowers" de Van Cleef & Arpels, que usó Adele en los premios BRIT de 2012.

Cuando se combina con piedras preciosas preciosas como diamantes y piedras lunares neutras, el ónix se eleva inmediatamente al estado real.

Pero sin gemas de lujo a cuestas, el ónix por sí solo es una piedra preciosa asequible y diversa.

Propiedades metafísicas y curativas de Onyx

La gente ha utilizado el ónix negro en la curación natural durante siglos, gracias a sus poderes de protección percibidos. ¿Cuáles son las propiedades curativas del ónix negro?

La práctica ahora dominante de la curación con cristales utiliza ónix para protegerse de las energías negativas y ofrecer alivio de la ansiedad. Como la mayoría de los cristales curativos, el ónix tiene poderes físicos y metafísicos. La piedra puede ayudar a curar heridas, minimizar los dolores de parto y mejorar la salud del cabello, los dientes, las uñas y la piel.

Black Onyx Information — Meaning, Uses, History & More! | Gem Rock Auctions (16) Piedra del zodiaco de ónice

Onyx es la piedra de nacimiento de agosto y la piedra zodiacal de Leo (del 23 de julio al 23 de agosto). A pesar de los tonos oscuros de la piedra, es una piedra cálida que presume de creatividad y generosidad. Usar una piedra zodiacal de ónice puede abrir la mente, pero tenga cuidado: hay efectos secundarios adversos de dominancia, interferencia e intolerancia.

color ónix

El color de ónix más popular es el ónix negro, una capa blanca sobre una base negra o piedra negra con bandas de color blanco lechoso. Otros ónices de colores suelen tener diferentes nombres, como se describe anteriormente con Sardonyx, Carnelian onyx y Nicolo onyx.

¿Qué es el ónix teñido? La mayoría del ónix recibe tratamientos térmicos y tintes, lo cual es una práctica estándar para muchas piedras preciosas. Se aplican mejoras para resaltar las finas capas de color en una piedra de ónix. Dado que la calcedonia es un material poroso, acepta bien el tinte y no se daña.

Muchos ónices negros alguna vez fueron losas de calcedonia gris teñidas para convertirlas en negro sólido. El proceso consiste en sumergir calcedonia en una solución de azúcar y aplicar calor con ácido sulfúrico. Tenga en cuenta que, a menos que un artículo especifique que está "sin tratar", la mayoría de los ónices negros han recibido mejoras.

Orígenes de ónix

¿Dónde se encuentra el ónix? ¡Globalmente! El ónice se forma en depósitos de sílice y cavidades de gas que producen bandas de calcedonia en colores alternos. Las fuentes de ónix negro más destacadas son:

  • Brasil

  • Canadá

  • Uruguay

  • Madagascar

  • Republica checa

  • Alemania

  • Indonesia

  • Pakistán

  • Australia

  • Argentina

  • Francia

  • Porcelana

  • Alemania

  • India

  • Rusia

  • Yemen

  • Reino Unido

  • Escocia

  • Estados Unidos

Nombres falsos

Los cuatro tipos de ónix que enumeramos anteriormente son universalmente reconocidos. Sin embargo, hay nombres inapropiados comunes con los que te encontrarás. Recuerde que los siguientes nombres no son onyx, aunque se anuncien como tales:

  • Limestone Onyx, Onyx Marble y Mexican Onyx: estos son calcita en bandas de cuevas de piedra caliza. La calcita es una clase de mineral diferente del cuarzo calcedonia, la especie real de ónix. Por lo tanto, ninguna de estas piedras es ónix real.

  • Ónix verde: estas son típicamente piedras de calcedonia teñidas de un verde intenso.

  • Ópalo de ónix: estos contienen capas de ópalo, pero el ópalo no tiene una composición de ónix, por lo que el ópalo de ónix es estrictamente ópalo.

  • Ónix de rodocrosita: una variedad de piedra de rodocrosita en bandas que comúnmente se llama ónix debido a sus bandas.

ónix sintético

Los simuladores de Onyx no son un concepto nuevo. Plinio el Viejo (un antiguo naturalista) describió el ónix sintético durante el reinado romano. Hoy en día, hacer ónix sintético requiere una mezcla de calcedonia y ágata. A diferencia de otras piedras preciosas sintéticas hechas de materiales creados en laboratorio, el ónix sintético es una simulación que combina varias piedras preciosas naturales.

Los materiales comunes utilizados para crear ónix sintético incluyen vidrio negro, augita y espinela negra. Estas piedras preciosas son excelentes candidatas para el ónix sintético porque a menudo se las identifica erróneamente como ónix.

Dato curioso: algunos de los materiales utilizados para hacer ónix sintético son más valiosos que el ónix negro. ¿No parece extraño? La razón es que el plan espinela negra casi se considera irrelevante en la industria de las gemas. Por lo tanto, la piedra preciosa olvidada tiene más posibilidades de venderse como ónix sintético.

Plinio el Viejo describió esta práctica como convertir "una variedad (de piedras genuinas) en piedras falsas de otra". En el caso del ónix sintético, los materiales no son falsos, sino otra especie.

Precio y valor del ónix negro

¿Cuánto vale un ónix negro? No es sorprendente que el rango de precios sea amplio, y puede comprar ónix negro desde unos pocos dólares hasta unos cientos por quilate.

En última instancia, depende de si compra piedras de ónix negro sueltas o joyería fina. Una piedra preciosa de ónix negro solo puede costar alrededor de $ 15- $ 20. Pero coloca esa misma piedra preciosa en un anillo de oro de 14 quilates y el precio sube a varios cientos de dólares. Agregue piedras de acento como diamantes, y el precio sube a varios miles de dólares.

El ónix por sí solo puede no tener un valor alto, pero agregar acentos de joyería fina eleva el ónix a la categoría de lujo. Sin adornos, es una piedra preciosa asequible y ampliamente disponible.

Cuidado y mantenimiento de Onyx

Si bien no es la piedra preciosa más dura que existe, el ónix sigue siendo lo suficientemente duradero para el uso diario. La mayoría de las piedras de ónix resistirán los rasguños y las abrasiones típicos. Sin embargo, querrá ejercer el cuidado y mantenimiento adecuados para mantener la piedra en óptimas condiciones.

Afortunadamente, el cuidado del ónix negro es fácil: simplemente use agua jabonosa y límpielo con un paño suave y no abrasivo. Debido a que es más suave que otras piedras preciosas, es inteligente almacenar sus joyas de ónix negro separadas de las gemas más duras como los diamantes y los zafiros.

¿Quiere comprar ónix negro?

¡Ahí tienes! Eso resume todo lo que necesita saber sobre la información de ónix negro. ¿Listo para comprar?

Ya sea que esté buscando piedras preciosas de ónix o tallas intrincadas, ¡está en el lugar correcto para todas sus necesidades de ónix negro! El ónix negro no solo es una gran adición a su colección de joyas, sino que también es una pieza llamativa y un tema de conversación. ¿Quién puede resistirse?

¡Compre cabujones de ónix, especímenes de ónix en bruto, gemas de ónix y paquetes para encontrar su pieza más nueva hoy!

Onyx Gemstones


What is the meaning behind black onyx? ›

This precious stone is known for the energy of strong support, stamina, and determination to help one's persevere. It is said to teach the wearer to rely on own powers; which is then often crafted as traditional wealth bracelets and amulets.

What is the spiritual meaning of onyx? ›

Introduction to Onyx

A powerful warrior stone, the Onyx crystal meaning helps stomp out negative thought patterns stemming from the most debilitating and toxic emotion of them all – fear. Include Onyx in your gem collection and always know that whatever happens, this powerful root chakra stone always has your back.

What is black onyx good for spiritually? ›

The Black Onyx gemstone is worn to help a person shed negative emotions. The gemstone has a calming effect and aids the wearer in overcoming bad emotions, thoughts, and, perhaps, situations. Letting go of the past is a vital part of releasing negativity.

How do you activate black onyx? ›

To cleanse your Black Onyx with sound, keep your stone near to you while you use your sound instrument to create sound vibrations. The vibrations of the sound will cleanse and balance the vibrations of the Black Onyx, freeing it of negative buildup.

What does the Bible say about onyx? ›

Onyx is first mentioned in the Book of Genesis: “And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone” (2:12). It is then mentioned 7 times in the Book of Exodus, where the Onyx is set in the ephod and the breastplate of the priests of Israel.

What powers do onyx have? ›

The onyx is a stone that offers its bearer immensely powerful vibrations of protection, willpower, focus and strength. Many believe that the onyx is there to drive motivation and to continuously push you forward in your life. It activates your root and solar plexus, as well as your third eye chakras.

What does black onyx protect from? ›

Black onyx crystals can be used for grounding, protection, and self-control, and as a shield against negative energy. It also enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks.

What healing powers does black onyx have? ›

Physical Healing

Onyx can be a great gem for recovery as it helps you to swerve any shade of relapse and instead encourages your body to physically focus on healing. Onyx can also lend support to the bone marrow and tissue structures in the body, along with helping to strengthen teeth and bones too.

What happens when you wear onyx? ›

Not only does it get rid of negative and intrusive thoughts, but it can also sharpen your mind if you wear it. Black onyx is also said to improve focus and devotion in the wearer, while increasing confidence levels and reducing stress.

Which signs should not wear onyx? ›

GEMINI- The natives belonging to the Gemini Zodiac should guard against wearing the Onyx gemstone as it won't fit with Geminis and can result in ill effects.

Does onyx bring good luck? ›

In fact, onyx symbolism is replete with connections to bad luck. In Arabic, black onyx is known as el jaza, which means “sadness.” A manuscript from 1875 notes that in China, slaves and menial servants mined onyx. Nobody would willingly touch or own this gem for fear of bad dreams, misfortune, and loss of energy.

Is onyx good for everyday use? ›

While this likely isn't practical for everyday use in kitchen countertops, onyx can be used around the base of a kitchen island, as backsplash, around bathroom vanities, bathtubs or in walling that is backlit (or lit from the inside), creating an effect that makes it seem like the stone itself is glowing.

What happens if you wear black onyx? ›

This gemstone eliminates negative thinking and is believed to sharpen the wits of the wearer.” Black onyx helps improve concentration and devotion which is why many rosaries are made of black onyx. Since onyx is a strength-giving stone, it assists with confidence and is useful for athletes or people under stress!

Can you sleep with black onyx? ›

Many individuals believe in the power of the black onyx and typically use it to counteract bad dreams and garner a peaceful sleep. As such, if you're someone who believes in the benefits of the jewel, it could help you.

Can onyx go in the sun? ›

Below are some of the crystals that are safe in the sun for a few hours of charging and won't fade. Black Obsidian - The color won't fade because of its dark color and it's actually a glassy volcanic rock. Black Onyx - The color is dark and won't fade. Carnelian - The orange stones are generally okay in the sun.

What god is associated with onyx? ›

HISTORY. Onyx, a member of the chalcedony family, takes its name from the Greek word “onux,” meaning “fingernail.” According to Roman mythology, Cupid clipped the fingernails of the goddess Venus while she slept. To immortalize every part of her body, the fates transformed the clippings to stone.

What is onyx the god of? ›

In ancient Indian and Persian tales Onyx is referred to as a protector from evil. The Indian gemologists describe onyx as a protector for harmonious relationships.

What does the black stone represent in the Bible? ›

If the prisoner received a white stone, he was found "not guilty". If he received a black stone, he was found "guilty". Either way, he knew his judgment.

What are onyx benefits? ›

Some people wear Onyx jewelry so that they can improve their memory, bring balance to their mind, or reduce their stress. The idea that it can alleviate negative feelings remains pervasive in that wearing Onyx jewelry is still believed to help you keep pessimism away, to do away with negative thoughts.

How strong is an onyx? ›

The black onyx has a rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, which means that while it isn't extremely tough, like a ruby, it isn't very delicate either. So essentially, you can definitely wear this gem very often, provided you take good care of it.

Is onyx a powerful stone? ›

In addition to being a stunning stone to look at, it is also a powerful protection gemstone for the person who is wearing it. The stone is able to transform negative energy and absorb it. This helps to prevent the draining of the wearer's personal energy.

What zodiac is black onyx? ›

Onyx is the official birthstone for those native to the zodiac signs Leo or Capricorn, and is said to help these individuals with becoming masters of their own destinies.

Does onyx absorb water? ›

Onyx will absorb water and liquids easily which tend to stain the stone.

Can light pass through black onyx? ›

We typically see onyx used as an interior decorative stone, such as bar tops and statement walls. Onyx looks even more stunning when it is backlit. The light shines through onyx due to the translucency of stone.

Is onyx a protective stone? ›

In fact, onyx crystals are now recognized for the wealth of positive benefits they have to share with the world. It is an excellent stone for grounding down to earth energy and balancing your emotions. It is also known as a highly protective stone that will shield you from any harm or danger.

What planet does onyx represent? ›

Vedic Hindu astrology links gemstones to a planet as well as a star sign, and the black onyx gemstone is used to represent the planet Saturn — helping the wearer to control him or herself in any situation while remaining grounded and composed.

How do you test for black onyx? ›

There is one other way to test a black onyx, but it's advisable only for those who are willing to risk damaging the stone. Put the stone inside a small pouch of baggie and hit it with a little force with a hammer. The stone will break into pieces. If the insides of the pieces are shiny, then it's a fake stone.

Is black onyx poisonous? ›

Is Black Onyx toxic? No, Black Onyx is not toxic.

How do you clean black onyx? ›

Moisten the cloth in warm water and wring out any excess water so that it is not fully wet. Wipe the stone clean using the damp cloth. Pat the stone dry using another soft, 100% cotton towel that is completely dry. Try to avoid using your fingernails to get in the crevices.

What signs should not wear black onyx? ›

Gemini - according to astrology, Gemini should not wear black onyx as it creates adverse effects in the Gemini who wears it. Other signs can try the stone, but only on a 3-day basis to determine if it's a perfect fit for them.

What are the benefits of wearing onyx? ›

It helps in holding passion and emotion under control. It increases self confidence, responsibility and sharpens the senses. It increases self confidence, responsibility and sharpens the senses. It encourages healthy egotism which is good for relieving stress and emotional disorders.

What does wearing a black onyx ring mean? ›

2. What does the black onyx symbolize? Black onyx is said to be quite beneficial for its wearer. Apart from keeping negativity at bay, this gemstone symbolizes courage, power and good fortune.

Can I wear onyx to sleep? ›

Many individuals believe in the power of the black onyx and typically use it to counteract bad dreams and garner a peaceful sleep. As such, if you're someone who believes in the benefits of the jewel, it could help you.

Can you wear onyx everyday? ›

Can you flaunt black onyx every day? Black onyx is a fairly durable gem with a rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means that it can withstand the rigors of daily wear and will not get damaged easily.

Is black onyx good protection? ›

Often used as an amulet against negative energy, Black Onyx is a master of good fortune. All black stones have solid healing properties particularly when it comes to protection and shielding you against anything that could bring harm.

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