8 Trusted & Best Services to Buy TikTok Followers in 2023 (2023)

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TikTok videos offer more than just entertainment for the masses - they can also be a lucrative way to make money. But while having a creative and entertaining TikTok presence is essential, one of the primary steps in increasing your chances of success on this platform is having an ample follower count.

Under the best circumstances, high-quality content should spurn more organic growth, leading to more followers and better engagement on your videos. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for everyone.

To circumvent this issue, many influencers and businesses alike take to buying TikTok followers. Considered a savvy social media marketing strategy, buying real TikTok followers offers the potential to increase your social proof quickly for an affordable price.

When combined with interesting content and viral marketing strategies, the choice to buy TikTok followers from the following reputable social growth services can prove a great way to become an overnight TikTok sensation.

The Best Sites to Buy Real TikTok Followers

1. TokMatik

TikTok accounts suffering from the 'tough times' of slow growth should consider services like TokMatik. Unlike other social media marketing agencies, TokMatik promises to deliver only real followers for your TikTok account - something that will make all the difference in terms of engagement and visibility on this platform.

With a ton of perks for every tier of the follower package, TokMatik makes it easy to pick the ideal plan for your needs. All orders are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, and no personal details other than your TikTok username, email, and valid payment method are required.

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About TokMatik TikTok Follower Packages

The most popular of TokMatik's ten follower packages includes 1000 high-quality followers. With a 40% discount automatically applied to the order, the cost is well worth it for a powerful boost to your TikTok follower count.

Not sure if you need to buy TikTok followers in batches of 1000? No problem. TokMatik has aspiring brands and influencers sorted with TikTok follower packages that include as few as 100 followers and as many as 5000. Each comes with a substantial discount and only includes followers who are real people - not bots or fake TikTok accounts.

Why We Picked TokMatik

On top of being featured in Men’s Journal, and having the best services to grow your social media presence and spread brand awareness, we picked TokMatik for its superior customer service, flexible payment options, and ability to deliver real TikTok followers in just a couple of minutes - without flagging the TikTok algorithm or getting an account banned.

2. TikGrowth

TikTok services at TikGrowth ensure that new and established profiles won't have to try hard to quickly get a large number of followers. With multiple package tiers that come with instant delivery and a satisfaction guarantee, TikGrowth is an excellent choice for influencers who want to ramp up their TikTok engagement and become a viral sensation.

All new followers from TikGrowth are real users and have a high engagement rate on TikTok. Furthermore, TikGrowth accepts all major credit cards at checkout, making it easy to buy TikTok followers anytime, anywhere.

About TikGrowth TikTok Follower Packages

The TikTok followers from TikGrowth are guaranteed to be active users on the platform, so you can expect real, quality followers that will engage with your content no matter which tier of package you pick.

Most opt for packages in the 1000 to 5000 follower range. These options provide a good lift to a profile's follower count and make it easier for new brands and influencers to be discovered by potential customers. Those unsure about the power of TikGrowth’s services can start with the small 100-follower package and move up as needed.

Why We Picked TikGrowth

TikGrowth’s TikTok services offer the perfect combination of affordability and quality, so it was an easy pick to include as one of the top sites to buy TikTok followers. Not only are all packages backed by a satisfaction guarantee, but customers can also expect real followers with active engagement rates to boost their profile or business.

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3. TokPropell

TikTok profiles have the best chance of generating more organic growth with the help of TokPropell. With fast delivery of top-quality followers who are already generally interested in your content and actively engaged on the platform, TokPropell is the perfect solution for brands and influencers looking to kick-start their journey on TikTok.

A money-back guarantee protects all purchases not fulfilled within 48 hours, and a customer support team is available 24/7 to help with any purchasing inquiries.

About TokPropell TikTok Follower Packages

TokPropell offers four packages that range from 250 to 10,000 followers. All of their packages come with a discount already applied and provide excellent value for money. Furthermore, the followers you get from TokPropell will all be real - not fake followers - so your engagement rate isn't artificially inflated.

Why We Picked TokPropell

We chose TokPropell for its extensive selection of packages, fast delivery times, and money-back guarantee. It's also one of the few services that offer other growth services for other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, making it a comprehensive solution for increasing your presence across multiple platforms.

4. Z Labs

Knowing that it can be challenging to get organic followers, Z Labs has created a unique solution to help TikTok users get ahead of the competition. Using a powerful AI that matches relevant content with the right audience, Z Labs ensures that all of its followers are genuinely interested in your profile and will remain engaged with it over time.

Plus, the site has a ton of freebies and perks available to those who do (or don't). From free followers and likes to exclusive discounts and rewards, Z Labs is committed to helping its customers get the most out of their TikTok growth experience.

About Z Lab's TikTok Follower Packages

Z Labs offers five different packages for followers, ranging from 500 to 5,000 followers. The followers themselves have profile pictures, bios, and recent activity on the site that will keep your account looking natural and legitimate.

Delivery times are a little longer than others on this list, but, considering Z Labs' goal of fostering organic growth, the slow drip of followers helps to make sure that your account looks natural and won't be penalized by TikTok.

Why We Picked Z Labs

We chose Z Labs for its AI-driven growth solution, an extensive selection of packages, and freebies. Plus, its longer delivery times make it an excellent option for those who want to avoid getting their accounts shadowbanned.

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5. Ascend Tik

Even if your short videos on TikTok are already gaining you a lot of followers, it can never hurt to have more - and that is where Ascend Tik Shines. With the ability to boost social metrics that drive more organic growth, Ascend Tik is a one-stop shop for those looking to get ahead of the competition on TikTok.

With a dedicated customer support team who can help navigate the entire process, you can rest assured that your account will be in good hands. Plus, all of the followers provided by Ascend Tik are real and active - meaning your engagement rates will skyrocket as well.

About Ascend Tik’s TikTok Follower Packages

Ascend Tik offers five packages for followers ranging from 2500 to 5,000 followers. Auto refill is included with premium follower packages, meaning that you won't have to worry about the site causing a decrease in your follower count.

Pricing is higher than others on this list, but for already established accounts, it is worth it to get an extra push to the top of every TikTok user's Discover page.

Why We Picked Ascend Tik

We chose Ascend Tik for its auto-refill option, dedicated customer support, and real followers. Plus, the site's secure payment system adds an extra layer of safety when it comes to purchasing followers.

6. Booststorm

Initially created for content creators wanting to Buy TikTok likes, Booststorm has since evolved into a full-service social media growth platform. With the ability to get you real, active followers and likes quickly, Booststorm is an excellent option for anyone looking to boost their presence on the app.

Additionally, the site offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days should something go wrong with your order, and a community forum on the site helps new TikTok users navigate the app's features and get the most out of their experience.

About Booststorm TikTok Follower packages

Booststorm offers seven packages for followers, ranging from 250 to 2000. Only high-quality followers are available, meaning it may take longer to see the increased engagement rates you need to succeed on TikTok.

But, with the powerful software Booststorm uses to identify real followers already interested in your content, there is no doubt that the benefits of Booststorm will skyrocket your account straight to the halls of TikTok fame.

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Why We Picked Booststorm

We chose Booststorm for its money-back guarantee, powerful software, and free followers offer. Plus, its community forum is a great resource for learning best practices for getting the most out of the app - adding even more value to its already incredible services.

7. SocialsExplode

Social media marketing services like SocialsExplode are a vital resource for new TikTok users looking to make a splash.

Offering a ton of perks with premium, authentic followers ready to engage with all of your TikTok content, SocialsExplode has proven to be a great asset for creating a buzz around your account.

About SocialsExplode TikTok Follower Packages

Most customers opt for higher count packages in the 2000 to 5000 range. With significant savings of up to 60% on each package, these larger orders can help you get ahead of the competition and make a lasting impression on your followers.

Lower count package options are also popular, offering a great way to get your feet wet with SocialsExplode's services and kick start your journey to TikTok glory. From 100 to 500 followers, these low-count packages are a great way to see just how much the quality service offered by SocialsExplode can do for your account.

Why We Picked SocialsExplode

We chose SocialsExplode for its free trial followers, money-back policy, and privacy policy which ensures the safety of all orders. Plus, its premium followers mean you won't have to worry about fake accounts bringing down your engagement rate.

8. DigicLikes

DigicLikes is the place to turn for all your social media needs when your posts need more than just new followers. From likes to views to comments to followers, DigicLikes offers several supportive services to give your TikTok content the boost it needs.

Additionally, the site features many helpful resources for new and established TikTok users, like growth-focused tips, direction on which type of content is best suited for the platform, and advice on creating successful campaigns.

About DigicLikes' TikTok Follower Packages

DigicLikes offers low and high-count packages for followers, all of which come with fast delivery and real accounts that engage with your posts. The site's most popular packages are in the 1500 to 3000 range, but many new users opt for lower count follower packages (500 to 1000) to stretch out their marketing budget and ensure seamless growth on the TikTok platform.

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Follower packages can be combined with other social growth services, such as Buy TikTok Likes or Buy TikTok Views, to help round out a comprehensive social media strategy that keeps followers engaged across the board.

Why We Picked DigicLikes

We chose DigicLikes for its comprehensive social media growth services, money-back policy, and fast delivery time frames. Plus, with a variety of package options available to meet every budget, it's easy to get started on your journey to success with DigicLikes.

Get TikTok Famous Today

Why wait for TikTok fame using organic methods when you can jumpstart your journey to the top with Buy TikTok Follower packages from any of the best sites above. Chosen for their money-back policies, fast delivery times, and quality service, these online solutions will have you well on your way to fame in no time.


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