5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts | Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration (2024)

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts | Hallmark Ideas & Inspiration (1)

By Stacey Donovan and Cat Hollyer on July 18, 2021

Traditional: Wood

Modern: Silverware

Read on for unique ideas for giving 5th anniversary gifts—as well writing anniversary messages and celebrating the happy occasion.

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5th anniversary gifts and ideas for your spouse

What to give


  • Plant a special tree in your garden or yard and watch it grow together.
  • Give your favorite picture in a wood picture frame or an anniversary-themed sentiment on mounted on wood.
  • Expand your silverware collection with a fancy piece or two, like a cake or pie server and ice cream scoop or bar tools.


  • If you have a yard, plant a tree. Over the years, you can watch it grow.
  • Build a potting shed or gardening bench—or a tool bench or shed—or get someone to build it for you.

What to write

What to write in a 5th anniversary card

  • “As time goes by, I’m more and more grateful for your love.”
  • “Five years of kisses and bliss! Thanks for making me the happiest person alive.”
  • “We’re halfway to ten, and I’d do it all over again.”

What to write about in a 5th anniversary love letter

  • Top five moments of your marriage
  • Five things only you know about your partner
  • Five places you’d like to travel to together

How to celebrate

  • Get in tune with nature and each other by taking a hike in the woods on the day of your anniversary.
  • Create a fake magazine cover with the title “Couple of the Year, Five Years Running!” Feature a picture of you and some fun headlines only you and your partner would understand.
  • Cut a rug with a couples’ dance lesson.

More ideas for anniversaries

  • Don’t forget the card!No celebration is complete without a keepsake-worthy card with a handwritten message telling your partner just how much their love means.
  • For help putting your feelings into your own words, seewhat to write in an anniversary cardandhow to write a love letter.
  • Check out these creativeanniversary datesandanniversary traditions.

5th anniversary gifts for friends and family

What to give

  • Give game night a new flair with a block-stacking game like Jenga.
  • What couple couldn’t use some extra cash? Here’s a creative way to give it: Crumple up fresh dollar bills to look like lettuce and put them in a wooden salad bowl.
  • Consider giving them a birdhouse. Even better—look for one they can build together.

What to write in an anniversary card

  • “Love like yours is an inspiration.”
  • “Five years ago today, you tied the knot—and what a beautiful day that was!”
  • “Sending you big hugs and even bigger wishes for a wonderful anniversary!”

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