38 Best 5th-Anniversary Gifts, from Traditional to Modern (2024)

Cheers to five years! With half a decade down (and a lifetime to go), it’s an occasion to celebrate. If you’re the type that likes to follow the yearly anniversary themes, consider the traditional fifth-anniversary gift of wood. "This material represents strong roots in your relationship," says event planner and registry expert Jung Lee. If wood is not your style, go with the modern themes of flatware, silverware, or sapphire jewelry. All three are excellent starting points for brainstorming ideas, but they’re by no means hard and fast rules.

“There are so many options for any type of wedding party or spouse-related gifts that it can make your head spin,” says New Jersey-based event planner Sarah Cunningham Mastriano. She recommends thoughtful fifth-anniversary gifts that feature a functional element. Practical gifts that you can also use (think upgraded bedding or a fancy new coffee maker) are guaranteed winners. As with any anniversary, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous piece of jewelry or a personalized gift, such as an engraved cutting board or customized print for your home.

We've researched the best online options to help you find a gift that's as special as your spouse. We narrowed our picks based on the quality of materials, thoughtfulness, customization options, and value, ensuring that each gift is a perfect fit for your fifth-anniversary celebration.

This gorgeous inlay wood box is handmade from maple wood in Sorrento, Italy. It's decorated with classic and modern geometric motifs; choose from five bold patterns and colorways. Your spouse can use it for stashing mementos and jewelry or on the coffee table (it's also the perfect place to hide the remote).

If your partner loves to escape to the farmer's market or the garden, give them this attractive woven basket to tote all their finds. For a picnic-ready anniversary present, fill it with all their favorite things: a bottle of sparkling wine, cheeses, fruit, and a fresh baguette.

These chic earrings make a statement, yet the monochromatic, organic look makes them easy to pair with any outfit. We love the subtle pop of brass bling against the dark tone of the acacia wood.

For a spouse who's regularly breaking out a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board, this stylish and practical gift can do no wrong. Hand-carved of durable teak wood, it’s pretty enough to hang on your kitchen or dining room wall.

This gorgeous flatware set from Christofle is a genuinely show-stopping gift that plays on the modern theme. With 24 pieces crafted from silver-plated stainless steel, the collection contains everything you need for dinner parties or daily meals. The modern egg-shaped container makes for an interesting conversation piece when closed and a practical serving piece when open.

If you've recently fixed up a property together or moved into a new house, commemorate your home with a custom print from Minted. From graphic images to a delicate letterpress style that evokes a vintage look, it only takes a photo to start the easy-to-navigate design process. The best part? You can further customize by choosing from 20 colors and various frame finishes and sizes.

Hand-carved in Michigan from cherry wood, this show-stopping bowl can be filled with fruit as a table centerpiece or displayed on the kitchen counter. Choose from three sizes, or get them all as a set.

Pizza night has a whole new meaning. This outdoor oven, which you can power with propane or wood, allows you to whip up delicious homemade pies whenever you like. Its small footprint makes it perfect for any backyard patio.

Channel retro kitchen vibes with this classic pour-over coffee maker from Chemex. Designed in 1941 by a chemist, it features high-quality Borosilicate glass accented with a wood and leather collar.

Even if you received new bedding as a wedding gift, you might be due for a refresh and an upgrade after five years. This high-quality set is handcrafted from a mix of Belgian and Italian linen, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bonus points: There are over 25 colors to choose from.

Looking for a gift that pays homage to the traditional wood theme but in a more subtle way? Consider a luxe woody fragrance like this iconic one from Tom Ford. Notes of oud wood, sandalwood, and Chinese pepper are combined for an intoxicating blend that lingers on the skin for hours.

Add a pop of color to your living room (or swap out your spouse's bedside table) with this modern design from Danish-inspired brand Hay. We're partial to the bright blue finish, but more subtle natural oak options are available in several sizes.

This appliance is unparalleled for people who are serious about their coffee game. The all-in-one machine grinds whole beans immediately before brewing and can brew any drink—espresso, coffee, cold brew—within 60 seconds. It even syncs to an app, so you can get your coffee going before you leave bed in the morning.

Even if a trip to a fancy spa or resort isn’t in the cards, slipping on this waffle weave robe will make you feel like you’re on vacation. The waffle weave texture is light yet absorbent, and the unisex style looks great on anyone. Make sure to grab one for both yourself and your spouse.

With a super snug fit, next-level noise cancellation, and 360-degree sound, these earbuds offer everything you could want in headphones—and then some. We also like that they come in three colors, so you can gift a pair that perfectly matches your partner's aesthetic.

After five years, it may be time to upgrade your pillows. With a down-alternative filling with the perfect balance of support and softness, this luxe option from the iconic Four Seasons hotel will make you feel like you’re sleeping at a five-star resort. Pick up a set of two, and pair it with breakfast in bed for your spouse.

This necklace honors the modern anniversary theme of sapphire jewelry. Delicate and dainty, it features tiny stones on either a gold or silver strand. The subtle sparkle effect is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions.

Who says you need to have an anniversary dinner out? If you prefer to stay in, order this kit. Thanks to the two steaks, shrimp co*cktail, and all the accompanying sauces and seasonings, it will transport you to a fancy steakhouse. Just don’t forget to light some candles and crack open a good bottle of red.

A compilation of photos makes for a beautiful and meaningful gift, no matter the occasion. Capture your first five years of marriage with this beautiful album, filled with snapshots from trips and other memorable occasions. The high-quality, cloth-wrapped hardcover makes this book worthy of displaying for years.

This chef-grade knife is made from high-quality steel, has an easy-to-grip handle, and is available in a beautiful array of unique colors. The brand offers a lifetime warranty and free sharpening, and you can also have it laser engraved with the name or date of your choosing.

Another wood-forward fragrance blend, this sultry perfume hits all the right notes. Guaiac wood, pine tar, and incense are combined with zesty mandarin and orange, making for an intoxicating unisex blend.

A pair of souped-up sneakers may not necessarily be an expected anniversary gift, but it will certainly be appreciated. White nylon is accented with oiled leather and copper lace holes in this pair of cool, unisex kicks that work with various styles and looks.

A nice anniversary gift doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. Exhibit A: This lovely bottle of fresh and fruity rosé (with a very apropos name). Pair it with a thoughtful handwritten card and a new set of wine glasses.

A link-style chain and open oval diamond pendant give this gorgeous necklace plenty of visual interest. It's crafted from a blend of 14-karat and recycled gold and features only ethically sourced diamonds.We love the idea of giving this to someone who appreciates vintage clothing and style, thanks to its Art Deco-inspired design.

Yes, you both deserve a new mattress; this is the time to get one. Make it this option, which has various features to help keep you cool while you snooze—HeatDelete bands, phase change material, and a Cool Touch cover—as well as coils and form that give this a comfortable yet supportive feel.

We think that five years calls for another band to add to your bridal ring stack. This one features scalloped pavé stones set halfway around the band. Choose from more affordable "diamond" options, including lab-grown, moissanite, and the brand’s synthetic diamond alternative

Whether displayed as a serving piece or in the kitchen for chopping and dicing, they'll surely get plenty of use from this beautiful board. And it’s not made from any old wood; it’s handcrafted from reclaimed, 100-year-old chestnut.

Create some outdoor ambience with this sleek and contemporary fire pit. It’s the perfect spot to cozy up next to one another, share a glass of wine, and reconnect. (Don’t forget the s'mores.) We especially love this pit's modern industrial look to elevate your outdoor space.

Is there any meal more romantic than fondue? We think not. This set has everything you need for a cozy date night with your choice of melted cheese or chocolate. Built to last, this pot is sustainably crafted in the Netherlands of cast iron, oak, and stainless steel.

If one or both of you are avid at-home exercisers, this is the perfect gift to mark five years. Consider it your anniversary gift to one another; the high-tech treadmill offers plenty of running room and cutting-edge features with a small footprint that takes up minimal space.

Diamonds and sapphires? Yes, please. This ring has both, set in an evil eye design on a 14-karat yellow gold band. The unique design is noteworthy and delicate enough to stack with other pieces when worn alone.

Arguably, no piece of outerwear is more classic than this waxed jacket from heritage brand Barbour. Its relaxed fit looks great with more rugged looks, although it can easily be worn over more formal wear. The coat features a 100 percent cotton lining with an interactive zip designed to pair with a liner for additional warmth.

File this under one of those gifts that you’ll both be able to enjoy. The mountable sound bar is ideal for amplifying your TV or movie sound or simply streaming music from your phone. Either way, it’s a sleek-looking and very powerful speaker.

This is a fun twist on the traditional diamond necklace. Three baguette diamonds are stacked next to one another, giving the illusion of one larger one when you look far away. They're strung together with your choice of a 14-karat yellow gold, 14-karat white gold, or a rose gold chain.

Whether displaying a charcuterie spread or fancy cheeses, this serving offers the perfect place to showcase their favorite appetizers. Three mini bowls hold dips and sauces, while the combo of wood and marble makes for a stunning finish. We also like that it can be monogrammed with your last name or initials.

  • 38 Best 5th-Anniversary Gifts, from Traditional to Modern (36)

  • 38 Best 5th-Anniversary Gifts, from Traditional to Modern (37)

Five years past the registry, it may be time for new flatware. Replace all mismatched spoons, forks, and knives with this cohesive set with four five-piece settings. With smooth contours and rounded handles, the design is simple yet elegant. Best of all, everything is dishwasher-safe.

Five years can be just enough time for you to start feeling like you’ve gotten to know everything there is to know about one another. That’s where this journal comes in. It's filled with engaging and fun prompts to spark connection and communication. We also love how eye-catching the cover is, and the budget-friendly price tag is an added bonus.

38 Best 5th-Anniversary Gifts, from Traditional to Modern (40)

Yes, flowers are a lovely gift, but they definitely have a finite lifespan. Enter this money tree as a nice alternative. This option requires minimal care and is incredibly hearty. It is also meant to bring positive energy and good luck to whoever owns it. Can your basic bouquet do that?

What to Look for in a 5th Anniversary Gift

  • The traditional gift, wood: If you want to follow tradition, go with something that highlights the wood theme. This material offers many possibilities for practical gifts like charcuterie serving pieces or cutting boards.
  • The modern gift, silverware: After five years of marriage, it may be time to upgrade your flatware collection. It's also an excellent opportunity to splurge on something you've been eyeing for a while. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, new silverware is a practical present you can enjoy together.
  • Personalization: Custom gifts always feel more special. Your partner will know you went the extra mile to create something just for them.


  • Do I have to follow the traditional anniversary gift theme?

    Absolutely not! Anniversary gift themes are meant to guide and inspire presents but aren't required. Your partner's interests, likes, and dislikes are the most important factors to consider. It's also nice to highlight shared memories and mementos of past trips, important milestones, and experiences.

  • What are some good anniversary gift ideas that don't cost a lot?

    A beautiful handwritten letter can sometimes mean more than the most expensive present. Including a sweet note with whatever you gift your partner is essential, even if it's simple. Other inexpensive ideas include visiting the spot you proposed (along with a surprise picnic and a bottle of wine) or a special date night at home.

Why Trust Brides

Brides contributorMelanie Rudhas nearly 15 years of journalism experience covering the beauty and lifestyle space for some of the most prominent magazines and websites. She’s written countless gift guides across various topics and categories. She also prides herself on being an excellent gift-giver. For this article, she spent hours researching the best fifth-year gift options and narrowed them down based on the themes, materials, cost, and overall quality. Perri Ormont Blumberg, who contributed to this article, is a New York City-based writer with experience in the home, lifestyle, and food spaces. Senior Commerce Editor Kate Donovan contributed additional products and insights to this story.

We also spoke with industry experts for their insight:

  • Jung Lee is a sought-after celebrity event designer and registry expert in New York City.
  • Sarah Cunningham Mastriano founded A Lovely Universe, a New Jersey-based event planning service.
38 Best 5th-Anniversary Gifts, from Traditional to Modern (2024)
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